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Xavier Lust

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    Xavier Lust

    Xavier Lust studied interior design in Brussels and opened his own studio in 1992. Since 2000, his designs have been produced by leading Italian brands such as MDF Italia, De Padova, Driade, etc.

    Xavier Lust

    At the turn of the millennium, he developed a technique for the deformation of metal surfaces. This revolutionary technique allowed the material to express itself in a natural and fluid movement. The deformation of metal increases resistance, while being economical in both material and means of production. His most famous example of this technique is “Le Banc”, one of his iconic designs.

    Through the years, Lust can boast on several innovative designs in curved aluminium. Thanks to the technique he developed to fold aluminium and his experience in this material, the realisation of the Picnik became possible. The idea for the Picnik table originated from Dirk Wynants, who had been searching a solution for small-sized terraces in urban environments.

    Their collaboration has led to the birth of the Picnik table, a contemporary multiple award winning piece of furniture Extremis is very proud of. The Picnik table celebrates its 15th birthday this year and is another example of two designers who combined their skills in order to create a revolutionary design. Even after 15 years, the Picnik table remains an example of functionality and sustainability. 

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