Our Sustainability Program


Born in 2008, LivingOn has shaped our business. It has become a benchmark for our industry and continued to evolve with the new era of sustainability.

Today, with LivingOn at the heart of everything we do, Living Edge has become one of the leaders in sustainability for Australia’s high-end furniture market.

For us, sustainability is about protecting the environment and promoting the wellbeing of all those who interact with our brand – our customers and our people.

Our Commitment


Becoming Carbon Neutral
In 2017 Living Edge became carbon neutral. We did this by measuring and reporting on the emissions we’d generated right across our business and having this report independently audited. We then purchased enough carbon credits to offset our carbon footprint for 2017. We continue to measure our carbon footprint, reduce emissions where we can and offset what we can't to remain carbon neutral.

Supplying Furniture For Life
We choose to supply furniture that’s designed to be passed down from generation to generation and eventually recycled at the end of its long life.

Helping Our Customers Be Their Best
We offer our customers products and advice to create healthier, happier homes and workplaces. We can help our commercial customers achieve WELL, LEED or Green Star certification, or simply be more sustainable.

Looking After Our People
We’ve introduced WELL initiatives into our showrooms and offices, and a health and wellness program for all our people.

100% Of Our Products Are LivingOn Products
Our products are LivingOn products, which means they meet at least one of the following sustainability criteria:

  • 3rd party certified – either GreenTag, AFRDI Green Tick, or GECA
  • Carbon from freight has been offset
  • Contains recycled content
  • May be recycled at the end of its life
  • Certified for ergonomics
  • Sustainably sourced or certified timber
  • Certified low Volatile Organic Content (VOCs)
  • Low in toxic materials
  • Environmental-impact assessed for its entire lifecycle



What We've Achieved So Far


Carbon Offsetting

  • Voluntarily measured and reported carbon footprint since 2008 and we continue to have all our reports audited and verified. This is currently conducted by Pangolin and Associates
  • Reduced carbon footprint by 58% in 2020
  • 100% of all products sold since 2018 meet one or more LivingOn criteria. 
  • World's first Herman Miller dealer to carbon offset the freight for all products imported into Australia
  • Introduction of an ISO certified 14001 Environmental Management System and an ISO Certified 9001 Quality Management System
  • We've expanded our carbon inventory to now include tracking for:
    - Taxi/Uber use for business
    - Food/catering for entertaining clients
    - Office equipment
    - Consumables (toilet paper etc)
    - Stationary
    - IT equipment
    - First aid supplies
    - Domestic Hotel stays
    - Advertising
    - Recycling
    - Delivery of local product from warehouses to customers. All deliveries including client deliveries are now carbon neutral


Living Edge Sustainability Report
View 2019-20 Report
View 2018-19 Report


  • Finalist in 2010 Premier’s Sustainability Awards, Victoria
  • Winner in 2013 City of Yarra Sustainability Awards, Business
  • Winner in 2013 Keep Australia Beautiful Awards, Business
  • Finalist in the 2019 Banksia Awards, Medium Sized Business


LivingOn At Work

  • Where video conferencing, conference calls and Skype can’t be used, we purchase carbon offsets for all passenger flights
  • Introduction of two electric cars into the Living Edge fleet, with plans to expand into additional hybrid or electric cars
  • Introduction of a robust waste and recycling program covering paper, cardboard, plastics and organic waste and now recycling for general waste items through Terracycle


For Our People

  • Subscribe to pre-paid public transport so that staff can travel more sustainably to visit clients
  • Showers for those who cycle, run or walk to work or exercise during lunchtime
  • Living Without Waste – banning single use plastic, e.g. plastic bags, straws and coffee cups
  • Wellness initiatives such as weekly mindfulness, lunch time meditation and yoga classes.
  • Volunteer days


Our Commitment to Sustainable Packaging
Download our Australian Packaging Covenant Report

Our Targets For 2021 and Beyond


Protecting The Environment

  • 100% of electricity to come from either green power or the purchase of renewable energy credits
  • Cut SCOPE 1 and 2 emissions to 50 tonnes p.a. before purchasing carbon credits
  • Continue efforts to reduce emissions per employee, p.a
  • Continue buying carbon credits to remain carbon neutral
  • Expand our fleet to make the entire company fleet hybrid or electric
  • Subscribe to GoGet, e-bikes and pre-paid public transport
  • Expand our operational boundary to include reticulated water and wastewater, packaging materials and work on further identifying the items which are currently costed under one type
  • Living Without Waste (our name for War on Waste) - our commitment to zero waste wherever possible. We’ve banned single use material – takeaway coffee cups, straws, plastic takeaway cups and cotainers, single use plastic bags and we’re offering an incentive to do it. Up to 25% off any reusable item


Promoting Health And Wellness

  • One of our goals from relaunching LivingOn in 2018 was to achieve WELL certification for at least one Living Edge office by 2020. In April 2021 we achieved the first WELL Platinum certification in WA for our Perth showroom.
  • 100% of all contract clients have access to our health and well being program to make choosing sustainable products easier than ever before. We have an in-house Green Star AP and WELL specialist to assist clients in navigating the certification process or even if they're just wanting to be best practice.
  • We've met our target of 50% of all our key products to meet WELL by 2023 (this has increased from 40% since in 2018 to 50% in 2020. Three of our main suppliers Herman Miller, HOWE and Muuto are all conducting VOC testing which helps their products comply with a number of WELL features. Muuto has recently certified a number of their products against the Declare label, a nutrition label for products.
  • Every office to have supplied at least one WELL certified project by 2020
  • Our health and wellness program How we Live Well was introduced in 2019 and continues to grow with more and more programs being offered to staff and clients. We also offer a free EAP service to all staff and their immediate family.
  • Key seating products from all suppliers certified to meet relevant industry programs. Our suppliers such as Herman Miller, HOWE, Muuto, Derlot and CAON understand the importance of meeting industry compliance and its benefits to the environment and our health. Our suppliers focus on certifying their key products against Green Tag, GECA or AFRDI Green Tick, VOC & Formaldehyde testing, and ensuring all task chairs and workstations meet the relevant standards.