Supertoys Supertoys

Supertoys Supertoys, a Dutch-German art & design duo based in Rotterdam (NL), formed in 2018, aspire to infuse joy, wonder and connection into everyday life, challenging our preconceptions about the world and all things around us. At the heart of Supertoys Supertoys' artistic vision stands their concept of 'Radical Cuteness'.

Their distinctive cute, cartoonish, and somewhat abstract formal language is integral to their aesthetics. Soft shapes and predominantly pink colors radiate happiness and joy, while subtly evoking vulnerability and a sense of sweet melancholy. These aesthetics are paramount to their vision of 'Radical Cuteness' tapping into the profound connection between people, rekindling a childlike sense of boundless imagination.
Serving as a response to modern life’s hardships on this planet, the duo intends to offer a whimsical escape by empowering individuals to create their own world, embracing aspects beyond their current reality and social constructs. By using cute and playful designs reminiscent of childhood, the duo taps into our shared memories, aiming to foster unity and bridge cultural divides through feelings of shared nostalgia and joy.
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