“Where people strive to feel good, commune with their loved ones, enjoy the pleasures of life in harmony with nature, in the places they inhabit, and in outdoor surroundings that are beautiful, comfortable, and durable.” – Vision Roda

RODA furniture has invited a new era of outdoor atmosphere, introducing a contemporary dimension of living that transcends the confines of indoor spaces. This visionary approach intertwines indoor and outdoor realms, harmonising them through a shared language, both spatially and conceptually.

The centre of RODA’s belief is that outdoor design is equally significant as interior design, crafting spaces where colours, materials, and forms synergistically enhance the authenticity of living en plein air. With a sensitive and sophisticated taste, RODA consistently weaves a common thread through every project that navigates the boundary between indoors and outdoors. This ensures that outdoor spaces, whether a garden, terrace, or porch, are furnished with the same meticulous care as their interior counterparts, transforming each outdoor experience into a genuine expression of living.

RODA furniture is not merely created for exterior spaces; rather, it forms an intimate connection with the surrounding environment. The materials' hues adapt and evolve, almost seeking a distinctive and unrepeatable harmony with nature.
This mimetic design notion brings forth the essence of the Mediterranean – natural, warm, inviting, and balanced. It is manifested in the shapes, colours, and materials chosen, which conjure up atmospheres capable of constant reimagining, always achieving harmonious amalgamations.

RODA furniture can be transited seamlessly between interior and exterior spaces with grace. It exquisitely fits into any environment and boasts a modular nature that complements other pieces of furniture. This affords the creation of spaces that not only reflect the owner's personality but also exude a cross-dimensional synergy.

The essence of RODA's outdoor furniture and accessories is encapsulated in the trio of tradition, innovation, and expertise. These pillars underpin the brand's commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. Rooted in tradition yet receptive to innovation, RODA crafts outdoor furniture that echoes timeless values while pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.
Living Edge acknowledges the Traditional
Owners of Country throughout Australia.
We pay our respects to Elders past and present.