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Living Edge understands the power of excellent design – design that nourishes, design that inspires and design that keeps us all coming back for more. In today’s rapidly evolving hospitality landscape, design is proving a key driver for increased customer attraction and retention, improved customer experience levels, and greater leverage for providers in an ever-growing and ever-competitive market. 

This is why, at Living Edge, we have worked closely with hospitality brands across the country, seeking to understand the evolving taxonomy of design in the hospitality environment.

Whether this means creating inspiring spaces that will feed the eyes as much as the dishes will the stomach, or whether this might mean using authentic design to combat frequent problems of acoustics, wayfinding or occupancy, Living Edge is proud to supply a portfolio of the world’s leading design solutions to hotels, restaurants, bars and eateries of all shapes and sizes throughout the country. 

Living Edge approaches the hospitality sector with comprehensive stakeholder insights and a fresh perspective to deliver furniture and interior solutions marrying style with advanced utility.

How It Works

Great design is that which fosters a comfortable, inspiring environment allowing us to relax, congregate, escape, get in touch with our senses and open our minds to new experiences.

Living Edge celebrates design at all scales, putting together a careful edit of design and furniture that inspires and stimulates at all turns. From chairs and tables to benches and storage solutions, no need is too small or large, and all are treated as opportunities to make an impact through design.

Project Management & Delivery

Your Design Consultant will provide a personalised delivery timeline with updates and information on the progress of the project throughout every stage.

The Living Edge delivery team will deliver and position your furniture according to your final floor plans, turning your design vision into a vibrant reality.

How It Works

Our Dedicated Team


Our qualified and experienced Design Consultants are significant members of the Living Edge brand. A team that celebrates authentic design, inspiring spaces, and strong client relationships. We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of first-hand consultations to achieve the best design for your space.

What sets Living Edge apart is our dedication to creating environments that are personal and unique to you. Recognising that no two projects are the same, we will carefully consider your needs to create a bespoke design that genuinely respects and celebrates your personal style. With proficient knowledge on our expansive product range and research capabilities at an expert level, we have the resources to successfully and meticulously complete the project.

Book a consultation with a Living Edge Design Consultant today.

How It Works