Studio 7.5

Studio 7.5 is Burkhard Schmitz, Claudia Plikat, Nicolai Neubert, and Carola Zwick. They founded Studio 7.5 in Berlin, Germany in 1992 when they were looking for freedom to work on projects that interested them, freedom from rules, roles, and titles.

When designing products for clients, Studio 7.5 moves quickly and smartly, too, progressing from the concept stage to the model shop, sometimes within a day or two, where they begin to create rough prototypes of the project– whatever it may be.

They find designing office chairs in particular to be the most rewarding, which is fortunate as they have designed a few for Herman Miller.

The joy the group derives from its work is obvious. As Burkhard, Nicolai, and Carola, who are also university professors, tell their students, "If you want to be rich, go work in a bank. If you want to be famous, go rob the bank. But if creating things is fun for you, become a designer and you'll be a king. It's the best profession in the world.