Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal's design work was influenced by the Mediterranean culture. His work embodies the hedonism, optimism, and symbolism associated with Valencia and Barcelona regions.

Javier Mariscal is a renowned Spanish artist and designer born in Valencia in 1950. He later established his professional career in Barcelona. Mariscal's designs are characterised by a vibrant range of colours, a poetic approach, and a strong sense of innovation.

Even before the multidisciplinary approach became widely recognised, Mariscal effortlessly moved between different disciplines, driven by his insatiable curiosity and passion for innovation. His diverse professional activities have contributed to making everyday life more interesting, easier, and friendlier.

In 1989, Mariscal founded Estudio Mariscal, a creative studio comprising a team of specialists who collaborate closely with him. This establishment has allowed him to undertake complete projects, demonstrating his versatility and expertise. Mariscal has gained international
recognition, and his work resonates widely in the media due to his ability to connect directly with the public. His projects, like his own artistic specialty of drawing, employ a universal and timeless language, which adds value, uniqueness, and emotional depth.

Mariscal's boldness is evident in the significant challenges he has undertaken throughout his career. He has created iconic mascots for the Barcelona Olympic Games, designed an extremely luxurious hotel, and even ventured into the world of film with the creation and direction of the movie "Chico & Rita." These endeavours highlight his willingness to push boundaries and embrace new creative territories.
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