Giuseppe Raimondi

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    Giuseppe Raimondi

    Giuseppe Raimondi graduated in Turin in 1967. Thanks to his research as part of the experimental design and the expressive possibilities of the new materials, he became creative director of Gufram from 1966 to 1970.

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    The innovative pieces that create Giuseppe Raimondi and his direction contribute to Gufram's international reputation. Realised in 1966, along with the artist Ugo Nespolo, were the Daisy Table and compatible chairs, the Alvar armchairs (1967) and Mozza (1968). Subsequently, the curiosity about new materials lead Raimondi to realise a series of mirrors, tables and lamps, playing with the reflection of the forms and of the light. He also worked therefore in the field of illumination, of office furniture and ceramics. In 1970, he and other study founded Seguitoapre, a studio of his own in Turin. 

    As an architect, Raimondi set up the Historical Hall of the Tire at the Car Museum Mobile Carlo Biscaretti. In 1987, he was among the winners of the Compasso d'Oro with his Delfina chair. His pieces are now in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

    Ultimately, his passion for design led him to engage in teaching, dissemination and often writing for magazines.

    09 Gufram MOZZA Bedroom

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    Mozza in Grey Gufram
    07 Gufram MOZZA Grey
    Mozza in Red Gufram
    06 Gufram MOZZA Red
    Mozza in Orange Gufram
    05 Gufram MOZZA Orange
    Mozza in Yellow Gufram
    04 Gufram MOZZA Yellow
    Mozza in Green Gufram
    03 Gufram MOZZA Green
    Mozza in Blue Gufram
    02 Gufram MOZZA Blue
    Alvar in Grey Gufram

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    07 Gufram ALVAR Grey
    Alvar in Red Gufram

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    06 Gufram ALVAR Red
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