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    Pierre Paulin

    Pierre Paulin's collaborated with Artifort in 1956.

    Pierre Paulin

    Pierre Paulin's collaborated with Artifort in 1956.

    He introduced a new construction method of foam injected with a tubular steel frame and upholstery techniques that made it possible to create truly innovative, sculpturally designed furniture forms. Experimental ideas slowly became reality.

    In his concern for simplicity and refusal of any lyrical effect, his designs were given numbers. His innovative productions anticipated social revolutions through the lifestyles they encouraged. In the late 1960's, Paulin collaborated with the talented and inventive artisans of the new atelier of research and creation from "le Mobilier National”. Whilst prestigious

    commissions contributed to his renown, other designs, enabled the public to discover the comfort of modern living.

    Paulin’s designs are sculptural and functional, they're studied forms that cradle the body in perfect harmony. A futurist, Paulin scattered his path with poetic objects that were ahead of their time and whose rediscovery some 30 years later inspire admiration.

    Pierre Paulin died 13 June 2009. The French president Sarkozy honoured him as "he who made design an art".

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