Philippe Starck

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    Philippe Starck

    Born in 1949 in France, Philippe Starck is an internationally famed architect, designer, creator, inventor and artistic director. His multidisciplinary portfolio showcases his inexhaustible creativity with the design of public spaces, transport, hotels, product, lighting and furniture for leading international brands. Recognised for his audacious flair, his playful designs embody his vision to enhance the life of as many people as possible with an authentic sense of responsibility for the environment.

    Phillippe Starck

    Deviating from signature styles, Starck pushes the boundaries of modern design and continues to reimagine everyday objects to produce some of the most iconic forms in design history.

    As a major figure in the world’s cultural stage, Starck's work is exhibited in museums around the globe including New York’s MoMA and the Guggenheim. He has been awarded over 100 accolades including the Harvard Excellence in Design Award in 1997, the Compasso d'Oro in 2001 and also accepted the role of Artistic Director for the French Presidency of the European Union in 2008 and the Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation in 2009.



    Products by Philippe Starck

    Bon Jour Unplugged Table Lamp in White Flos
    Order now $500
    Bonjour Unplugged Bianco Soft
    Bon Jour Versailles Table Lamp in Chrome Flos
    Bon Jour Versailles Plate Cromo
    Bon Jour Unplugged Table Lamp in Copper Flos
    Bonjour Unplugged Rame Rafia
    Miss K in Red Flos
    Order now $600
    MISSK Rossa On
    Miss K in Silver Flos
    Order now $600
    MISSK Silver On
    KTribe F2 Floor Lamp in Bronze Flos
    Order now $1,800
    Ktribe F1 Bro ON Fb
    KTribe F1 Floor Lamp in Plisśe Cloth Flos
    Order now $1,200
    Ktribe F1 Soft OFF Fb
    KTribe F2 Floor Lamp in Fumee Flos
    Order now $1,600
    KTRIBE F2 Fume On
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