Mauro Lipparini

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    Mauro Lipparini

    His trademark: natural minimalism - or essentialism, the term he himself uses to describe his work. Clean, energetic lines combine with natural materials and original visual ideas. A particularly playful spirit - balancing aesthetics and proportion.

    Mauro Lipparini

    Where Florence meets Japan: in his designs, Mauro Lipparini combines the very best of his roots - the long established culture of the Renaissance city of Florence - and his international experience of life, shaped by his work in Japan. In 1980 Lipparini completed his degree in architecture at the University of Florence, where he spent many years as a professor. Over three decades, he has designed virtually everything in his studio from furniture and textiles through interiors for private homes, showrooms and restaurants to high-rise buildings. 

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    Onsa Chair in Leather Congress Curry Walter Knoll
    Onsa Chair 4
    Onsa Chair in Leather Elen Tan Walter Knoll
    Onsa Chair
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