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    Lambert & Fils Studio

    Based in Montreal, Lambert & Fils is a collaborative lighting design studio founded in 2010 by Samuel Lambert. After a career in the visual arts and film editing, Samuel Lambert chose design and craftsmanship soon after the birth of his son, as a sort of nod to his own childhood spent in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, where he often assisted his own father, a potter – a full-circle moment for Lambert, which also explains the company’s name (in French, Lambert & Fils means Lambert & Sons).

    Lambert & Fils Studio

     After working alone for a while in his small Beaubien street shop in Montreal, Samuel Lambert succeeded over the course of a few years to mold a creative yet rigorous studio, alongside a diversified team of young talents.Lambert & Fils draws inspiration from art, design and architecture history to create sleek yet poetic lights, in which apparent simplicity does not exclude design complexity. All collections are designed, manufactured and assembled in Montreal. Lambert & Fils commits itself to a tradition of high-quality in-house design, local savoir-faire, and a strong, collaborative team spirit.

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    Products by Lambert & Fils Studio

    Mile Collection 03 in Green Lambert & Fils
    Order now $3,655
    MIL03 GR
    Mile Collection 03 Black Lambert & Fils
    MIL03 BL
    Mile Collection 02 Beige Lambert & Fils
    MIL02 BG
    Mile Collection 02 Burgundy Lambert & Fils
    MIL02 BU
    Mile Collection 02 Black Lambert & Fils
    MIL02 BL
    Mile Collection 01 in Beige Lambert & Fils
    Mile Collection 01 in Burgundy Lambert & Fils
    Mile Collection 02 Green Lambert & Fils
    MIL02 GR
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