Walter Knoll's Legends of Carpet

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    Walter Knoll's Legends of Carpet

    Walter Knoll's Legends of Carpets were developed in collaboration with fabric designer Helmut Scheufele and are inspired by the wealth of shapes and colours in Africa.

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    News - 11.10.2016

    They take their strength from the source of creativity of that continent, transposed into valuable, timeless design. The delicate shades of pink are reminiscent of reflections at sunset, where suddenly a green thread twinkles in a sea of warm sand colours. Individual carpet pictures full of naturalness and elegance.

    Each carpet is different and was inspired by different elements of the African wilderness.


    BAHARI. The expanse of the veldt – transposed to modern carpet art. Wool from the Tibetan highlands, nettle fibres and silk overlap and create fascinating colour nuances.


    KIWUMBI. The Inspiration for Kiwumbi is the Sahara sand carried by strong winds. The high proportion of wool makes the deep-pile carpet pleasantly soft and gives it a vibrant depth.


    CHIMBUKA. The colours of the sky. Just as light projects bright colours onto the sky in the morning and evening, intense reds and blues are the dominating impression of Chimbuka.


    KURUKA. The wool for Kuruka comes from black and from white sheep. Here and there, there is a spot of orange and turquoise in silk. The high proportion of these fine fabric fibres guarantees a gentle shimmer.


    MPANDO. Mpando reveals its particular charm in the interaction of the colours. A green stripe and an orange stripe rise from a sea of different colours – intensive and expressive.


    KINA. An intense burst of colour. Kina plays with rich colours in elegant reds, browns and blues. Inspired by the colours of the spices at the bazaar and the glowing evening sky over Marrakesh.


    SITAWI. Blossoming desert. Sitawi ensures bright sensory impressions. A white sea of blossom in the yellow sand of the desert transports this unique natural spectacle to the world of carpets.


    SAFARA. The volcano – the origin of life. Inspired by glowing lava on dark ground, Safara gives its own expression to our fascination with fire.


    KUPANDA. Tropical landscapes. Kupanda translates luxuriant water and plant worlds into the modern art of carpets. Threads made of wool, nettle fibres and silk create dense jungle scenery.


    KILIMA. Kilima traces fine lines in fresh colours. The carpet appears both colourful and reserved at the same time.


    NINASAFIRI. Ninasafiri is a combination of subtle nuances in beige. Equal amounts of wool and nettle fibres are used as the basic constituents of this carpet. The proportion of silk lends a touch of elegant splendour.


    SALAMA. Salama works thanks to its harmonious colours. The materials are also balanced out: the deep-pile carpet consists of virtually equal proportions of wool from the Tibetan highlands, nettle fibres and silk.


    LIMBIKA. Beauty is in the harmony of things. Like the soil in Africa, Limbika shows traces of the sun in a harmonious mix of colours. Natural earthy tones set the scene, colour accents are provided in orange.


    Products featured in this news

    Legends of Carpet - Bahari Walter Knoll
    WK Legends Of Carpets Bahari 0001
    Legends of Carpet - Chimbuka Walter Knoll
    Wk Legends Of Carpets Chimbuka 0001 H 805x805
    Legends of Carpet - Kina Walter Knoll
    WK Legends Of Carpets Kina 0001
    Legends of Carpet - Kiwumbi Walter Knoll
    WK Legends Of Carpets Kiwumbi 0001
    Legends of Carpet - Kupanda Walter Knoll
    Wk Legends Of Carpets Kupanda 0001 H 805x805
    Legends of Carpet - Kuruka Walter Knoll
    WK Legends Of Carpets Kuruka 0001
    Legends of Carpet - Mpando Walter Knoll
    WK Legends Of Carpets Mpando 0001
    Legends of Carpet - Safara Walter Knoll
    Wk Legends Of Carpets Safara 0001 H 805x805
    Legends of Carpet - Sitawi Walter Knoll
    Wk Legends Of Carpets Sitawi 0001 H 805x805

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