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Vitra accessories at Maison et Object 2018

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    Vitra accessories at Maison et Object 2018

    The Vitra Accessories Collection encompasses the growing portfolio of design objects, accessories and textiles produced by the Swiss furniture company.


    News - 10.09.2018

    The Vitra accessories collection is based on classic patterns and objects conceived by designers such as Alexander Girard, George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames. In addition to these classics, it also includes pieces by contemporary designers. Authenticity, joy and playfulness are hallmarks of the Vitra Accessories Collection. 

    For the 2018 collection Vitra expands its accessories portfolio with design objects, many of which are inspired by the brand's most iconic and coveted designs. At Maison et Objet Vitra has introduced the following new products: 

    Resting Animals, Front (2018). Resting Animals are the result of a recent research project by Front focussing on the close connection between humans and figurative objects. The design duo asked randomly selected people to identify the most emotionally enriching and meaningful objects in their lives. The majority of answers turned out to be animal figures that were perceived to have personalities, specific attributes or a shared history. This interest is now expressed in a group of slumbering creatures – Resting Animals – whose poses exude a serene tranquillity.

    Eames Radio, Charles & Ray Eames (1946). After developing a successful method for moulding plywood in the early 1940s, Charles and Ray Eames employed the acquired know-how to create a wide range of products – including radio cabinets. By 1952, roughly 200,000 radios designed by the Eameses had been sold by various manufacturers. More than 70 years later, Vitra has joined the Eames Office to revive the design of this compact radio, which was a favourite of Charles and Ray. Encased in an elegant walnut cabinet and equipped with up-to-date technology by the British manufacturer REVO, the Eames Radio today bears witness to the designer couple's unwavering belief in progress. The Eames Radio is available in a limited edition of 999 units.

    Eames House Bird, walnut. Charles and Ray Eames brought back numerous objects and accessories from their travels to furnish and decorate their private home, the Eames House. One of these items is a black bird figure that has stood in their living room for over fifty years.In collaboration with the Eames Office, Vitra is now issuing a version of the Eames House Bird in dark walnut with a clear lacquer finish. The visible grain gives the wooden bird an authentic and natural look, which also highlights the carefully handcrafted production process.

    Popsicle Clock, George Nelson/Charles Pollock (1957) In the 1950s, George Nelson and his office conceived a range of everyday objects in the aim of bringing modern design to American homes. These included an extensive collection of unusual wall clocks. Re-edited by Vitra, this portfolio of wall clocks now welcomes a new addition: the Popsicle Clock. Wall Clocks by Vitra are equipped with a high-quality quartz movement, and the extensive portfolio of timepieces includes something to suit almost every taste and fancy.

    Table Runners, Alexander Girard Along with his colleagues Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson, Alexander Girard was one of the leading figures in American design during the postwar era. Girard brought a sensuous playfulness to twentieth-century design that had been absent from the austere aesthetic of classic modernism. For the Table Runners, Vitra collaborated with the Girard family to select the textile designs Broken Lines and Geometric E, developed by Alexander Girard in 1964 and 1971 respectively. 

    Angel Candle Holder, Alexander Girard Girard made the Angel Candle Holder himself for his home in Santa Fe, where it stood on the dining table surrounded by folk art and vases. He also used the motif in his graphic designs for the exhibition 'Hemisfair – The Magic of a People', which was held in San Antonio, Texas in 1968. Vitra collaborated with the Girard family to develop the white candle holder for serial production in powder-coated steel.

    And finally, an absolute favourite, the Akari Light Sculptures, Isamu Noguchi (1951) - hard to miss in the beautifully lit Maison display. In 1951 the Japanese-American artist and designer Isamu Noguchi began to develop the Akari Light Sculptures, a group of works handcrafted out of paper that eventually comprised over 100 luminaires – table, floor and ceiling lamps. He chose the name ‘akari’ for these objects, a word that means ‘light’ in Japanese, connoting both illumination and physical lightness. 

    Three new models have now been added to this inspirational collection, offering an even greater choice for diverse interior styles.Each luminaire is elaborately crafted by hand in the Ozeki workshop, a traditional family-run company based in Gifu, Japan. The Akari Light Sculptures are marked with a stylised sun-and-moon logo designed to resemble the corresponding Japanese characters. This guarantees the authenticity of each product.


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