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Reliability in an Age of Change

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    Reliability in an Age of Change

    If the past few years of flexible workspaces have taught us anything, it’s that “agility” is far more than just a buzzword.

    WK Scale Media 0029 Digital Lr

    News - 03.12.2018

    While the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to customise their work environment and style to suit their particular needs sounds daunting at first, the reality is that the right products and systems can make this a breeze. Increasingly, brands are developing innovations targeted at the ever-evolving user needs – from customisable task chairs and desks to seating that doubled as acoustic pods – the message is clear: design must be capable of meeting the needs of all, not just some, and must do so not only today, but also tomorrow.

    Every aspect of the office is evolving, from the modes and hours in which people choose to work to the spaces, furniture, and accessories that they rely on to boost productivity and creativity. In the contemporary office flexibility reigns supreme, and there is a heightened expectation that interiors and furniture meet the varied needs of a broader than ever range of end users. 

    Today’s workplaces must mediate between increasingly polar opposites: private and shared spaces, casual and formal areas, zones for individual and collaborative work, and digital and analogue methodologies. This need to respond to a variety of conditions has called for a radical rethinking of the way we design workspaces and the furniture and tools within them. A far cry from the rigid, monochromatic offices of bygone eras, today’s workspaces are decked out in vibrant colours and materials, powered by productivity-boosting technologies, and kitted out for comfort. 

    Certainly a lot has changed, but some things – the best things – have remained the same. Since its establishment in 1865 by Wilhelm Knoll, the Walter Knoll brand has earned a reputation for delivering furniture solutions of unrivalled quality and performance. At Orgatec 

    2018 the brand remained faithful to this reputation, presenting a new range of sculptural, highly functional furniture that deftly merges the old with the new. Partnering with a range of equally established international design heavyweights including Foster + Partners, EOOS, and Claudio Bellini, Walter Knoll brings a touch of old-world charm and sophistication to a decidedly forward-facing sector of design. 

    Tama Desk - Designed by Austrian powerhouse EOOS, the Tama Desk expertly blurs the boundaries between art and design. “Applied art” in the truest sense of the word, the sculptural desk combines elegant lines and improbable forms to create a striking workspace like no other. A leaf of richly-hued dark timber appears to float over two bronze blade legs, and is suspended over a second timber volume that juts out from beneath the main table top, hanging as though by magic. The terraced effect of the two timber volumes is a study in poise and exuberant, expressive forms. 

    To sit at the Tama Desk is to enter a revolutionary vision of the untapped potential of workspaces as a site for unlocking creativity, exploring the power of the senses, and showcasing beauty and skill.

    Conference X - What do you get when you combine beauty, efficiency, and stability with maximum flexibility? The ideal product, for one thing, and the Conference-X agile table by EOOS for another. Set atop an elegant X-shaped base, a slimline tabletop acts as the ideal canvas for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and seminars. Every bit as flexible and cutting edge as its name implies, Conference-X converts easily between modes and can be dismantled in seconds without any specialised knowledge or tools. 

    Sleek, streamlined, and subtle, Conference-X is the perfect partner for a new age of office furniture design, in which furniture helps shape spaces but does not dominate them. The table is ideal for scenarios in which the brief calls for supportive design that allows users to shine through as the true centre of attention.

    Scale Media - Designed with the granular attention to detail typically reserved for crisp made-to-measure suits, the Scale- Media boardroom table is a milestone in luxury office furniture. Offering a broad spectrum of customisation options, Scale-Media gives designers the unprecedented ability to tailor the shape, size, material, and media integration options of their boardroom to suit their particular needs. As impressive as it is flexible, the conference table takes only the highest-grade materials and components and assembles them using the best of precise German engineering. Elegant and functional, Scale-Media taps into the rich vein of luxury that has always pulsed.

    Jaan Silent - Another fruit of the EOOS/Walter Knoll partnership, Jaan Silent creates a plush, private oasis within an open space. Distinctive yet discreet, Jaan Silent allows users to enjoy the intimacy and controlled acoustics of a room within an open plan without obscuring visibility – in other words, it delivers the best of both worlds. Fully upholstered with textured textiles in chic contemporary hues, Jaan Silent uses a wrap-around high backrest to create a space that is enclosed on three sides. Paired with a wide seat and optional cushion and desk accessories, the high backrest adds structure to open plan spaces and provides the perfect space for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or even a few minutes of “me” time.

    Deen - Standing desks have already proven their value within workspaces, so why should meeting spaces be any different? With the Deen standing meeting table by EOOS, users can reap the benefits of a standing desk in the meeting room or team breakout area. Providing a level playing field for all meeting attendees, Deen represents a step forward in not only workplace furniture design but also in workplace culture: for the first time, meetings are treated not as formal, uptight engagements but as intimate, engaging conversations. Resting on an A-frame of four wooden legs, a solid timber tabletop with gently chamfered edges is at once reliable and inviting, making it the ideal addition to any space of collaboration and creativity.

    Modern furniture typologies such as agile seating, customisable tables, and flexible storage are situated firmly within the realm of traditional luxury: stunning dark wood, plush leather upholstery, and copper tones are abundant, as are sharp design lines offset by expressive curves. With this offering, Walter Knoll reminds us that while the brand is known for its pedigree of luxury and quality, it is more than capable of translating this for contemporary environments and demands. A testament to the power of maintaining a strong, clear design identity, the brand once more earns its place as not only an industry classic, but also as one to watch.

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