Extremis' Modern Oasis.

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    Extremis' Modern Oasis.

    Modern cities are becoming greener, Extremis believes the new workplace is an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

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    News - 05.11.2018

    Extremis is a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories. Ever since Extremis was established they have been recognised and rewarded for being innovative in the field of contemporary design. Extremis products are the results of an extensive list of requirements and extremely high standards. Innovation, superior quality materials and a keen eye for functionality form part of their design philosophy.

    Extremis believes the new workplace is an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city centre. With initiatives like urban farming and bicycle couriers, the brand believes we are evolving towards an alternative interpretation of urbanisation. Likewise, companies in these cities are becoming highly committed to the satisfactions and health of their employees.

    Extremis' Tools For Togetherness have a great impact on the work place. They are designed to bring people together wherever they are. Meeting, taking a break, focusing, chatting, brainstorming, lunching, celebrating success... all the way to after-work relaxation. Every piece of furniture is designed to eliminate barriers and optimize communication between employees, to stimulate creativity and 'casual collisions'.

    The scene staged at Orgatec this year was not only the depiction of the 'happy few' as more and more companies are seeing the need to attract good people and see them grow with ambition within the business.

    The newcomers in the Extremis collection fulfil their task with great enthusiasm. They are compact yet robust and offer a solution for both large and small spaces, in a uniform manner. The two-seater Bistroo is useful for one-to-one conversations or presentations with the support of a tab let or mobile device. As for the Virus picnic table, it brings life and dynamism to every breakout space.

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