Established & Sons Remixed at London design 2018

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    Established & Sons Remixed at London design 2018

    To celebrate their East London style Established & Sons worked with Lorenzo Vitturi - the master of remixing materials and cultural references into bold, colourful, site-specific installations and art works.


    News - 27.09.2018

    British brand Established & Sons represents all that is innovative in contemporary design. Well-known and respected as the brand that champions individual expression, design enthusiasts turn to the Established & Sons collection to find imaginative products with unique style and personality. As expected, at this year’s London Design Festival Established & Sons did not disappoint – showcasing their East London style with a playful exhibition.  

    Established & Sons chose to collaborate with East London-based artist Lorenzo Vitturi to curate their exhibition. Well known for his talents in painting, photography, graphic design and set design, Vitturi is the master of remixing materials and cultural references into bold, colourful, site-specific installations and art works, Vitturi has established himself as a name to watch with a series of international exhibitions. 

    For LDF Vitturi teamed up with Established & Sons to create Remixed Properties, an exhibition that played with products from the brand’s history, combining them with found materials from the artist’s studio to create something entirely new. 

    “I like to mix together things that don’t have any obvious connection to create a theme or sculpture that is made of hundreds of stories coming from different places. Usually at Established & Sons, you see single products, each with their own story and aesthetic, so I am taking fragments from the brand history and mixing them together to create a different story and offer a new perspective on the design. It will be quite interesting to see the result,” explained Vitturi. 

    Established & Sons gave Vitturi their whole catalogue to choose from. Vitturi wanted to use pieces ranging from the first to last collections, selecting around 20 different products in total. Established & Sons products were mixed with materials that Vitturi had been collecting over the last few years in east London studio, combining the work of Established & Sons with his practice to create a unique work of art. His goal was to realise a complete reinvention of the function of each product while celebrating the materials, textures and colours of Established & Sons.

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