Curtin University, Bentley campus 

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    Curtin University, Bentley campus 

    The development of a physical campus eco-system can play a significant role in attracting and retaining students. Geyer’s focus was to create a supporting vibrant environment to deliver fulfilling student experiences.


    Project - 20.11.2017

    The suburb of Bentley, located about six kilometres south-east of central Perth, is home to Curtin’s main campus. In close proximity to everything Perth has to offer, it boasts 116 hectares of bold architecture nestled amongst beautiful landscaped gardens. Over the past decade, the campus has undergone some major changes, with a variety of stunning modern buildings now interspersed with the original 1960s architecture. 

    The development of a physical campus eco-system can play a significant role in attracting and retaining students, so for this collaborative space, Geyer’s focus was to create a supportive and  vibrant environment to deliver fulfilling student experiences.

    Geyer is a leading strategic design practice specialising in workplace, education, retail, and hospitality interior environments. Geyer's experience working with Australia's leading educational institutions provides them with an in-depth understanding of university aspirations and the practical needs of campus infrastructure.

     “Success is creating inspiring, engaging and differentiated student experiences while providing ‘best in class’ university services. To support sustained success, students require the support of efficient systems and workplaces that promote communication and teamwork.” Wrote a Geyer representative.

    For this project, Living Edge provided several innovative workspace pieces from PROOFF.

    In sets of two or four, the EarChair creates an intimate setting that ensures minimal distraction. The extended ears provide a cocoon-like insulation; the acoustics have been tested to perfection making it an ideal place for a meeting or a quick chat.

    The BeTween office furniture concept by Studio Makkink & Bey encourages adapting the work environment to one’s needs. A three-in-one, tree-like structure that invites the user to engage with it as he or she feels fit, BeTween is a multifunctional workstation that adds a playful element to any space.

    The entire PROOFF range features adaptable seating designed to create private spaces within busy work environments and communal meeting points within public areas. The innovative designs allow for multiple configuration options, from small booths to full meeting rooms, and are at the forefront in acoustic innovation.

    Products featured in this project

    EarChair Prooff
    Prooff EarChair  0075 WEB
    BeTween Prooff
    Prooff BeTween 0013 WEB
    SitTable Prooff

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    PROOFF SitTable 01

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