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In recent years, a significant trend in workplace design has been the shift towards environments that resemble residential settings, such was the case with Ray White, who recently relocated their Sydney office.

COX Architecture played a pivotal role in transforming Ray White's vision into reality. Adopting a home-like aesthetic, Ray White endeavoured to showcase their commitment to evolving with the preferences of today's modern workforce.

This change is driven by a desire to enhance employee comfort and foster a more relaxed, homely atmosphere that can boost creativity and productivity. Companies are increasingly incorporating organic elements such as soft seating, natural lighting, wood finishes, and even kitchen areas that mimic those found in homes. The integration of these features aims to create a more inviting and less formal workspace, encouraging collaboration and a sense of wellbeing among employees. This approach not only appeals to the preferences of a modern workforce but is also thought to help in attracting and retaining top talent who value a more flexible and comfortable working environment.

Ray White Sydney

Such was the case with Ray White, who recently relocated their Sydney office to the 44 Martin Place building in the Sydney CBD. This strategic move aimed to create a nurturing and collaborative workspace. By adopting this home-like aesthetic, Ray White endeavoured to showcase their commitment to evolving with the preferences of today's modern workforce. This approach aligns with the firm’s innovative spirit and the resulting design has created an office that reflects the company’s standing in the city’s real-estate market.

COX Architecture played a pivotal role in transforming Ray White's vision into reality, taking a hands-on approach to meticulously address the firm's brief. Bringing Living Edge into the project to assist in delivering a highly customised edit of furniture, the COX team ensured that every aspect of the design was tailored to promote a homely yet professional atmosphere.

In their pursuit of a bespoke and cohesive office environment, COX Architecture’s collaboration with Living Edge Design Services was key to achieving the desired residential feel in their boardroom and meeting room tables. In the main meeting rooms, the impressive table design has been paired with iconic Herman Miller Eames Aluminium Group chairs. Not only adding character, but also a timeless appeal and comfort.

Ray White SydneyPictured: Custom table in library and boardroom, Eames Aluminium Group Management chairs and Tab table lamps, Kink vase and Eames Bird
Ray White Sydney

The design team at Living Edge custom-designed the boardroom tables with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that they not only functioned well for business purposes, ie. integrated cable management etc. but also contributed to the overall aesthetic of the space. These tables were crafted using high-quality materials and featured a design that seamlessly blended functionality, enhancing the collaborative atmosphere of the meetings held there.

In the redesigned office space at Ray White, a strong emphasis was placed on health-conscious and ergonomic solutions, resulting in the selection of Herman Miller Ratio workstations paired with Mirra 2 chairs. This combination exemplifies a commitment to employee well-being and productivity. The Ratio workstations are designed for flexibility, allowing employees to alternate between sitting and standing positions effortlessly, which is crucial for long-term health and comfort. Meanwhile, the Mirra 2 chairs provide adaptive support, tailored to the user's body, enhancing comfort, and reducing strain during extended periods of sitting. This thoughtful integration of ergonomic furniture by Herman Miller ensures that the workspace not only looks good but also supports the physical health of everyone in the office.

In other areas of Ray White's office, the Herman Miller Ratio workstations have received additional customisation through a collaboration with the Living Edge Design Services team, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. This customisation can be seen in the integration of bespoke joinery screens and panels. Furthermore, attention to detail is evident in the seamless integration of hidden cable management systems and integrated power points within the workstations. These features ensure a tidy, uncluttered workspace that maintains sleek lines and a modern look while providing practical, user-friendly access to power and connectivity. This thoughtful design approach by Living Edge design services encapsulates a commitment to creating a highly functional, health-conscious, and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Ray White SydneyPictured: Custom Lambert & Fils wall lamps, Custom breakout tables and Nerd chairs

In the break-out areas of Ray White's office, the mood is intentionally designed to be lighter and more relaxed, fostering an environment conducive to casual interactions and creative thinking. This ambiance is accentuated by custom lighting solutions provided by Lambert & Fils, whose contemporary fixtures cast a warm and inviting glow throughout these spaces. The selection of seating further enhances the informal and comfortable feel, with Muuto Nerd chairs bringing a playful and ergonomic design to the kitchen area. Additionally, Walter Knoll Oscar chairs and Geiger’s Crosshatch Lounge Chairs are strategically placed in other informal spaces, offering both style and comfort. These chairs not only support relaxation but also complement the chic and light-hearted atmosphere intended for these communal areas, making them perfect spots for employees to unwind and collaborate casually.

Ray White SydneyPictured: Custom Lambert & Fils wall lamp, Oscar lounge chair and Crosshatch lounge chair

“The feedback from the client and their staff around the product has been incredibly positive, both from a performance and aesthetic point of view,” says senior project consultant Delaney. “We were able to showcase our in-house design capabilities as well as providing performance pieces that have made a progressive impact on the user. I am incredibly proud of the project, and the collective effort from our team and suppliers has yielded a result that all parties are happy with.”

This thoughtful design strategy by COX Architecture not only met but exceeded Ray White’s expectations, creating a workspace that truly feels like a second home, thereby enhancing both employee satisfaction and workplace efficiency. The collaborative work and customisation by Living Edge underscores the commitment to creating a workspace that is both inviting and reflective of Ray White's innovative brand identity.

Interior Design: COX Architecture
Client: Ray White
Photography: Pablo Veiga

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