Uppsala University: A House in The Park

The design of learning environments plays a significant role in student success. By improving learning environments schools can potentially raise student achievement and lower teacher turnover. Many universities and institutions are making plans to provide classrooms and student spaces that offer a more positive learning environment. The recurring challenge; ageing facilities catering to youthful, vibrant students. Forward thinking designers are highlighting the heritage characteristics, paying acute attention to detail and inserting functional, modern designs to refresh, re-inspire and catering to the comfortability of students.

Created from the idea of a house in the park, Segerstedthuset brings feelings of nature into the educational institution, using Muuto designs as key designs throughout.
Uppsala University

Applying this to all aspects of the educational built environment, the brand carefully explores every element of public spaces and the myriad of learning spaces that contribute to the educational experience. Muuto’s recognition of the potential of the new lies closely with an honouring of the old. The brand consistently pays homage to years of rich, distinctive Scandinavian design heritage.

Uppsala University

At every turn Muuto is committed to exploring bold new ideas and providing a platform for emerging design voices.

Uppsala University

Uppsala University
Placed in the heart of the Swedish city of Uppsala’s Botanical Gardens is its university, founded in 1477. Now, more than 500 years later, Uppsala University has opened its new building—Segerstedthuset— by architects 3XN and interior designers Indicum. Created from the idea of a house in the park, Segerstedthuset brings feelings of nature into the educational institution, using Muuto designs as key designs throughout.

“The initial brief for Segerstedthuset was to bring the university together into one building, serving both its employees and students,” says Annika Sundås Larsson, Deputy Head of Division at Uppsala University.

Uppsala University’s Segerstedthuset has been created by Danish architect firm 3XN from an organic approach, striving to bring the warmth of nature into its interiors; an idea that is echoed throughout the building’s structures, colours, materials and furnishings.

With its design informed by the location of the university in the heart of Uppsala’s Botanical Gardens, Östberg and her team approached the interiors as if they were creating a house in the park, though bearing the dynamics of an educational institution and workplace in mind: “With Uppsala being the oldest university in Scandinavia, we wanted to bring new perspectives to its institutional legacy while fulfilling the needs of its daily users: Students, teachers and administrative workers.”

“We chose to implement a lot of Muuto designs through furniture and lighting throughout the interiors. The modern as well as organic design language, paired with the colour scheme and materials of Muuto designs, were a perfect match for Segerstedthuset. Furthermore, Muuto’s designs present a refined balance between the modern but the timeless – identical to our idea for the interior concept,” explained Kristin Östberg CEO, Indicum Architects.

The Project utilised Muuto Cover Chairs, Fiber Armchairs, Fiber Side Chair and Nerd Chairs

Architect: 3XN
Interior design: Indicum Architects
Photography: Jason Strong

Uppsala University
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