P&N Bank Office by Woods Bagot

As one of Australia’s successful financial services, P&N Bank was founded on the basis of enriching the lives of their members by providing a human-centric and community-focused culture of banking. Woods Bagot recognised this and created a bold, new workplace that celebrates the importance of community in a space that supports growth and embodies the company’s values.

In 2019 P&N Bank and global design company, Woods Bagot, completed the new P&N Bank Offices in Perth’s city center.
P&N Bank

Woods Bagot and P&N Bank worked together to establish an engaging environment for the employees to work comfortably and productively. Living Edge, Australia’s leading furniture destination, worked closely in the design process to craft a furniture solution that was functionally driven and exceptionally designed.

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Unlike the traditional segmented workspaces that defined corporate offices of decades past, the P&N Bank project is designed with collaboration at its heart. Employees are encouraged to work dynamically, with Herman Miller products specifically chosen to facilitate this. Fitted with Optimis Desking Systems and Ratio Desks, each working space is flexible and uncluttered, able to support teamwork and individual projects as required. Desks and working surfaces are paired with the Mirra®2 Work Chair, ensuring teams are kept supported with the latest in office ergonomics.

Unlike the traditional segmented workspaces that defined corporate offices of decades past, the P&N Bank project is designed with collaboration at its heart.

Breakout and socials spaces provide dedicated collaborative areas, with design variations helping to create zones for work and play. In boardrooms and meeting spaces, Muuto’s Base Table provides a solution for working and socialising, while its robust materiality performs exceptionally as a large conference table or a simple everyday surface. More informal breakout spaces are marked by designs that offer a relaxed take on corporate, with the plush finishes and curved lines of products such as Muuto’s Nerd Chair and Outline Sofa providing comfortable spaces for breaks, solo work and creative discussions.

P&N Bank

For times when collaboration needs to take a backseat, Woods Bagot provided spaces designed for privacy. Making use of the Outline Highback Work Sofa by Muuto and the Block System by Caon, these zones act as personal spheres within bigger spaces. With acoustics, ergonomics and highback features, employees are able to actively decide on how and where to work throughout the office, with collaborative spaces matched by private retreats for small teamwork, phone calls and individual assignments.

The impressive showcase of furniture collections distributed by Living Edge for the new P&N Bank Office delivers a functional, elegant and enriching environment – putting the wellbeing of the employees at the forefront. This vibrant design leverages the expertise of all the partners to elevate the activity-based working methodology, while allowing individuals to flourish as part of a collective in an inspiring, new workplace.

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