Ingenuity for ECP

Hammond Studio has brought to life a dynamic workspace that both challenges and exemplifies the unorthodox space at ECP Asset Management.

Redefining Active Investing in their dynamic workplace.

On the fourth floor in The Pavilion Building Hammond Studio has given new life to a somewhat unorthodox space, resulting in a fit-out that speaks volumes about the studio’s creative ingenuity. While the project is on a smaller scale, the fit-out is brimming with sleek, creative touches that speak through the furnishing, material palate, as well as the art featured within the space.

“Wanting to embody a sophisticated work environment, ECP envisioned a space they could relax in, connect and have a bit of fun simultaneously,” says director and founder Todd Hammond. “The environment of the space in itself is a physical representation of the company, revealing its brand and culture and values, and the brief reflected just that.”

In the vein of ECP’s ethos, the materiality and palette reflected sophisticated minimalism, while the layout was designed to guide those inside space to space, instilling a sense of calmness as well as connectivity. The design encourages movement, as both Hammond and ECP reject the idea of being stationary in the workplace.

ECP Asset Management

The shape of the project’s floorplan allowed this flexibility to exist, and Hammond embraced the possibilities it entailed. “The floorplan has a very unorthodox shape to it, almost like an eye shape, which is not the most efficient layout. But that’s okay, as making the process challenging allows it to be more interesting, which in the end, gives you the best design outcomes,” says Hammond

Soft furnishings played a crucial role in the interior design, the client wanted accents which were both visually appealing and functional. These carefully selected elements add comfort, style, and a welcoming atmosphere to the area, making it an inviting space for visitors and employees alike. Upon entry, the Foster 520 armchairs from Walter Knoll are a welcoming touch. The Chair, a reinterpretation of the traditional club armchair, was crafted with masterly use of the materials: saddle leather with its striking grain for the back, and natural fabrics for the seat.

ECP Asset Management
ECP Asset Management

Scale-Media is the made-to-measure suit among the conference tables, offering flexibility and character. The design team at Walter Knoll implements high-grade components to ensure the perfect fit for the most demanding of customer desires. Every individual piece stands for unrivalled excellence in scaling, processing and finishing. Scale-Media is a powerful tool for modern leadership. Ensuring that the company – with its aims, its values and its identity. Offering strong character, appropriate and enduring, the Scale Media Table has been paired with Walter Knoll Leadchair management.

Both ECP and Hammond Studio worked strongly with sustainability in mind, utilising recycled and recyclable materials throughout. “Being a company that supports sustainable initiatives and sectors became an overarching theme in the design. So, combined with sustainability and the aspects of the brand, it led into the functionality of the space.”

“The aesthetics and the finishes are drawn from the company branding. And a key feature is the repetition of the rock maple wood on all the features that exemplifies the spaces welcoming nature,” says Hammond.

An essential embellishment to the space is the beautiful artworks by contemporary Indigenous artist, Otis Hope Carey. Three of his artworks add the final touches to the design, and as Hammond states, “It was wonderful to have a client that saw the value in original artwork, particularly supporting Indigenous artists. It’s great to work with artists like Otis, whose contributions add a whole other dimension to the project, which in the end makes it all the more unique.”

Photography by Robert Walsh


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