Lamina Round Table

Lamina is a dinner table relying on the intersection of marble slabs. The interlocking triangle shaped legs give it both a sense of equilibrium and dynamism.
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Hannes Peer drew his inspiration from the conceptual work of architects Claude Parent (France) or John Lautner (US) who liberated architecture from the classic “cubic” spaces and introduced movement through oblique lines in their buildings in the 60’s.

"The aim was to design an iconic architectural dining table that is immediately recognizable through its sculptural form and shapes, that has a strong yet simple presence and that is pure in its materiality. The outcome is a table that is completely made of marble that appears light and streamlined in spite of the mass and robustness and solidity. The inspiration for the design of the 'Lamina' table is to be found in the 'oblique function' of Claude Parent and the theoretical work of his partner Paul Virilio. Their idea was that the stable order of architectural space, both vertical and horizontal, could be modified with the inclination of its envelopes, generating a dynamism far from merely static shapes. The sense of vision ceased to be a protagonist in spatial perception and the rest of the senses were also included, leading to a new type of imbalance which, from a historical perspective, came to be known as 'archaeology of the oblique'. As well, the 'Lamina' table has drawn immense inspiration from the Sheats/Goldstein House designed by John Lautner, its inclined roof, as well the sculptural approach that defined Lautner's work." - Hannes Peer


Diameter: 1300 or 1500mm
Height: 765mm


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Lamina Round Table
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