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Walter Knoll's sculpture for visionaries.

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    Walter Knoll's sculpture for visionaries.

    At Orgatec 2018 Walter Knoll showcased innovations and interiors for modern living and working worlds: executive offices and conferencing, open workspaces and public seating.

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    News - 05.11.2018

    Our working world is changing. While offices used to resemble dreary cells, spaces for the strict eight-hour workday, a new approach is now taking over from the focus on functionality: “It is the situation – with a mix of furniture and zones – that is relevant now,” says Markus Benz, CEO of Walter Knoll. “Today a manager’s chief task is communication. It is thus even more important that managers can find and take advantage of the right situation for their upcoming meeting – whether the small separée, the standing height table or the sofa for a group discussion." Places for different types of encounters, sometimes private, sometimes casual. Places for concentration and communication. Different areas for different situations. So we can work in the way the situation calls for. Walter Knoll shapes these places.

    Walter Knoll presented a total of twelve products and extensions to the range for office and contract in Cologne these were our standouts:

    Tama Desk: The sculpture for visionaries. Tama is applied art. A statement of sensuousness and self-esteem. Because Tama brings a fourth dimension to the category desk: creativity!

    Foster 620: The new product by Norman Foster for Walter Knoll. A flexible upholstered bench system – six seating sections for never-ending design combinations. A symbol of the collaboration over the last two decades. 

    Foster 620 Table: The occasional table complementing the Foster 620 upholstered bench system. The solid timber leg seems to be rooted to the floor, the table tops in black, bronze or copper set natural accents.

    Conference-X: The agile table system for the flexible use of space. Today an individual workplace, tomorrow a bench for a brainstorming session, the day after a series of tables for a seminar – Conference-X is the perfect agility table. New with elongated X-shaped base for tables up to 1.40 meters wide.

    FK: The design icon with discreet additional upholstery. The bucket seat by Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm is as compelling today as it ever was – the perfect sketch, supplemented with long-lasting comfort.

    The Tama Desk stole the show. the desk itself is applied art. Sculpture, statement, commitment. To freedom and creativity, elegance and beauty, sensuousness and self-esteem. Tama Desk is more of an attitude than a desk. If you sit behind it, you send your thoughts on a journey over the blue ocean of new markets and opportunities. 

    Its design is a song of wood and craftsmanship. Bronze blade legs, elegant lines and terraced levels. Tama Desk marks the evolution from workbench to instrument. Because its balanced shape, every detail, its finish, the charm of the surfaces and its subtle poise, all these aspects bring a fourth dimension to the category desk: creativity! 

    Tama Desk is a mind space. A place of expression and sound board for the ideas of those sitting at it: managers, doers and all those people who look to the future because they know that that is where success is shaped.

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