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In a conversation with Living Edge, Jack Milenkovic delved into the intricacies of his creative process, shedding light on the inspiration behind his work and the meticulous attention to detail that defines his style.

Jack Milenkovic continues to push boundaries and redefine the art of styling.

Jack Milenkovic is well known within the creative styling industry, renowned for his innovative approach and keen eye for detail. With a portfolio that spans across various mediums, from fashion to interior design. Jack recently lent his expertise to style a captivating photoshoot for Skupa, exemplifying his mastery in bringing concepts to life.

Could you walk us through the creative process behind selecting the colours, textures, or accessories used in the shoot?
The process really took shape once we had discovered the location as the perfect backdrop to showcase the work. The location: an abandoned office block in Sydney’s Surry Hills was somewhat of a time capsule which conveyed a beautiful balance of a retro yet modern mood. We always wanted to portray the images in a very filmic way, as though shot on film some time ago. Looking at the images closer, it becomes apparent they are current - so this tension creates a timeless conversation.

Skupa Jack Milenkovic Styling

Were there any specific themes or narratives you aimed to convey through the styling of the furniture?
Skupa being the Croatian word for ‘Together’, we did want to have subtle hints of cultural references that performed like nostalgic actors and create a familiarity that engaged the viewer even if this wasn’t immediately familiar to them.

Were there any specific memories or influences from your own life that you integrated into the styling process?
Yes, that’s what made it special for me. It conjured nostalgic childhood memories and reinvigorated my senses and appreciation for family connection.


Were there any personal emotions or stories you wanted to evoke through the styling of the furniture?
For me it become a personal project more than most because of the proximity of the brand’s heritage and cultural reference. The entire premise was based around conversation and connection - which is what I feel furniture should be about. In fact, creating a legacy that transcend trend and has soul - which is the definitive sustainable piece.

Focused on craftsmanship, Skupa's designs celebrate materiality and form. They draw on local and global influences to translate everyday items into treasured classics. Whether sharing a meal at the Breadstick Table, or pausing for rest on the San Daybed, the carefully curated collection sits at the core of everyday life. Skupa pieces are made to grow with you through life.
Photography by: Hamish McIntosh

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