Walter Knoll Premieres 2017 collection

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    Walter Knoll Premieres 2017 collection

    We are proud to announce the launch of Walter Knoll’s Premieres 2017 collection this week, after it debuted at Salone del Mobile Milan earlier this year.

    13 Tama Living

    News - 18.10.2017

    “Premieres 2017”: Walter Knoll's new 2017 products are a tribute to craftsmanship and fine materials.

    The collection is an understated and sophisticated range of furniture with unusual shapes and unexpected silhouettes. Drawing on Walter Knoll’s 150-year design legacy, the collection of seating, tables and carpets epitomises the furniture manufacturer’s design expertise, approach to luxury craftsmanship and use of superior-quality materials.

    Upholstery and soft furnishings in linen, wool and velour are offered in sensuous hues and shades, including soft whites and greys (Limestone), warm, elegant browns (Atacama), and rich, dark tones (Iceland). Supple, all-natural leathers are sourced from premium tanneries; marble has organic veining that makes each monumental block inimitable; and hand-finished brass is flawless and subtly shimmering.

    It’s difficult to capture the feeling of coming home. On the sofa, in the evening after a long day. Over a glass of good wine or making conversation with friends. All priceless, valuable moments. However, Walter Knoll has managed to do just this with their 2017 range -now available and on display in each of our showrooms.

    The Tama Living sofa is the perfect setting for such special moments. Its soft, elegant cushions are welcoming after a long day. The upholstered elements seem to float on subtle solid wood blades. It’s all about symmetry, lines and surface, which set the structural rhythm of the sofa: gaps in the backrest lessen and minimize its sheer volume. Side tables featuring the best saddle leather pleasantly nestle up against the upholstery. And there is a special place for that glass of wine, too – not beside but within the sofa thanks to a built-in tray made of solid wood and saddle leather. Tama Living is the ultimate centerpiece for anyone looking to create a homebound escape.

    The Healey Soft lounge chair, created by PearsonLloyd, symbolizes the best in contemporary design: timeless elegance and outstanding comfort thanks to an understated, light upholstery.

    New occasional tables in natural stone, Oki Table & Joco Stone, are crafted from marble and rare onyx marble. They exude powerful and sculptural design together with timeless appeal and authenticity. Every stone is unique. Precious yet immortal.

    The new Joco and Oki servers made of hand-finished brass reveal the tradition of craftsmanship at its best. Shimmering, coarse-brushed, and warm surfaces.

    Inspired by the landscapes and colors of Africa, and hand-knotted in certified Nepalese workshops, the collection “Legends of Carpets” translates abstract painting into timeless, woven works of art. Wool from the Tibetan highlands, fine Chinese silk and nettle yarn all possess exceptional qualities which consequently characterize every product. In Nepal, Walter Knoll’s certified partner workshops have often been in the hands of the same family for generations. There, carpets are hand-crafted using traditional Tibetan knotting methods under sustainable and socially responsible conditions. Due to the heterogeneous nature of fibers and threads, to their diverse colors and hues, and to the personal interpretation of craftsmen, every carpet ends up being a unique masterpiece.

    And finally, as always Walter Knoll’s classic 369 Armchair complements its newest offerings. Originating in 1956, its enveloping bucket seat and smooth forms provided juxtaposition to the prevalent straight lines of the era – a reminder that Walter Knoll is at the forefront of long-lasting furniture design and luxury craftsmanship. The 369 has a dark cotton velour cover and a refined framework made of tubular steel, satin-chromed, highly polished chrome-plated, highly polished powder-coated black or brass.

    There are few furniture brands that rival Walter Knoll when it comes to design legacy, as it continues to re-imagine and advance the art of furniture design. Walter Knoll Premieres 2017 collection launches Wednesday 18 October. These objects are living proof that true values are wisely handed down from generation to generation.

    Products featured in this news

    Tama Living Walter Knoll

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    Oki Occasional Table in Brass Walter Knoll
    Oki Brass 02
    Joco Stone in Nero Marquina Walter Knoll

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    Healey Soft Walter Knoll
    WK Healey Soft 0005
    Legends of Carpets in Kiwumbi Walter Knoll
    369 Chair Walter Knoll
    40 369

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