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The Golden Age of Disco

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    The Golden Age of Disco

    Gufram has disrupted the design industry with unbridled joy. Like the least self-conscious dancer at the disco...

    DISCO GUFRAM Installation View Ph. Delfino Sisto Legnani E Marco Cappelletti Preview

    News - 05.06.2018


    Purple lights, neon, velvet, lamé. Gufram’s display at this year’s Salone invited visitors to step back in time and into a period of history where hair was bigger, pants were wider, and the thrumming beat of disco was never far away. Once again proving that all that is old becomes new again, Gufram decked out their display in an exuberant palette that celebrated the sumptuous excess of the mid-1960s and perfectly summed up the brand’s idiosyncratically bold, simply inimitable offering. 

    Since 1966, Gufram has disrupted the design industry with unbridled joy. Like the least self conscious dancer at the disco, Gufram consistently throws all its weight into delivering the unique, striking, and entirely unexpected. From the verdant fingers of the Pratone Green Chair to the voluptuous curves of the Bocca Sofa, Gufram knows exactly what it takes to make an icon: a bold creative vision, impeccable execution, and a whole lot of guts. 

    All of these were out in full regalia for the retro-themed Gufram exhibition at this year’s Salone. A nod to the brand’s neon-lit early age and throwback to the plush, hazy days of disco, the dimly lit space was the perfect juke joint for the new Disco Gufram Collection. Comprising five new statement couches, the new Collection draws inspiration from a motley crew of imagined discotheque visitors. Resplendent in slinky gold lamé, the Jimmy couch provides sinuous banquette seating, while the perky Charly and Betsy sofas are the perfect plush, intimate seats for two. For groups, the quilted purple velvet of the Stanley lounge evokes the height of retro luxe, and the vibrant Tony cluster of ottomans creates space to sit, socialise, and strike a pose. 

    The new collection fits effortlessly into Gufram’s main collection and harkens back to Gufram’s 1980 status as a leading provider of discotheque furniture. While it’s not hard to imagine them in the nightclubs and discos of yesteryear, it’s also easy to see how they will provide colourful set pieces in years to come as the beat goes on and on and on.....

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