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Prooff at Orgatec 2018: A new light on work.

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    Prooff at Orgatec 2018: A new light on work.

    Wander through the workspace of the future in Hall 10.1, stand F010, where innovative furniture company Prooff makes a stand by putting people first.

    Prooff At Orgatec 2018 LR 1 Credit Prooff

    News - 23.10.2018

    At Orgatec, from 23-27 October in Cologne-Germany, Prooff shows off their innovative approach on the future of wellbeing at work on 200 square meters. With an immersive experience specially designed by renowned architectural studio DoepelStrijkers, Prooff highlights the paradigm shift taking place from an Activity Based Working to a People Based Working perspective. 

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    Visionary concepts for a new work culture 

    Orgatec is the world’s leading trade fair for Office and Facility and attracts over 55.000 visitors every two years. This year, the fair focuses on ‘Visionary concepts for a new work culture’.  

    "A natural fit for Prooff," shares Leo Schouten director of the company: “At Prooff, we develop innovative products for people in the public domain and the progressive office. Collaborating closely with designers, (interior)architects, scientists, and strategists, we devise solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of employees all over the world.” 

    Shining a new light 

    The modular and multifunctional furniture concepts of Prooff champion health and wellbeing, encourage collaboration and enhance efficiency in the workspace. At Orgatec, DoepelStrijkers envisioned that idea in a 200 square metres stand. 

    Eline Strijkers: “The furniture of the Prooff collection focuses on stimulating different forms of activity. Research has shown that spaces where change can be experienced, stress is reduced and productivity is promoted. The visitors of Orgatec are invited through the stand by the means of light, resulting in reflection and movement. Just like nature, the stand is moving and adapting to the visitors of Orgatec.” 

    “People are the ones that bring our furniture concepts to life. We look forward to continue the conversation at Orgatec” - Leo Schouten, director of Prooff 

    Meet the pieces that make the story. 

    • EarChair - Championing listening and concentration 

    The bestseller and iconic design the EarChair by Jurgen Bey will be presented in a special edition during the show at Orgatec. The EarChair by Studio Makkink & Bey is a statement piece in every office; sturdy in design and appealing in shape, this chair is sure to turn heads. In sets of two or four, the EarChair creates an intimate setting that ensures minimal distraction from the hustle and bustle of the office environment.The extended ears provide a cocoon-like insulation; the acoustics have been tested to perfection making it an ideal place for a meeting or a quick chat. With a variety of customisation options with regards to colour, fabric and ear size, there are plenty of opportunities to make the EarChair setup a welcomed addition to any space. (Introduced in 2006) 

    • SitTable - Breaking free from conventions 

    Not your average table, the hybrid SitTable designed by Ben van Berkel of UNStudio is both a thinking hub and a social meeting ground; this unique construction is designed to enable various modes of work.  The design accommodates numerous seating options depending on the preference of the user; sit closer together to encourage co-working and agile working or further away for individual working. The unusual yet distinctive functionalities of the SitTable make it an innovative alternative to an otherwise traditional piece of office furniture. (Introduced in 2011) 

    • WorkSofa - Facilitating dialogue and discussion 

    With its bright coloured blocks and unusual composition, the modular WorkSofa is an eye-catcher. The design fosters its primary function as a communal meeting point. Whether it’s a brainstorm or a group work session, an afternoon coffee or an impromptu meeting, designers Studio Makkink & Bey created the WorkSofa with conversations in mind. The WorkSofa can be customised for any space, making it a celebrated focal piece that facilitates dialogue and discussion above all. (Introduced in 2008) 

    • JoinTable - Inspiring flexibility at work 

    Reminiscent of a picnic table, the JoinTable fosters conversations in an informal way. Unlike a traditional picnic table, however, this unique design can be enjoyed in many different ways as well as in numerous settings, including indoor and outdoor spaces. Multifunctional in its use, the chairs fold down to create four seats; when closed, the standing table can accommodate several people for a meeting or a spontaneous discussion. Created by Bert Masselus of Mass-a, the JoinTable is simple in design but rich in use. (Introduced in 2017) 

    • OffSize - Accommodating surprise encounters 

    The playful elements of OffSize make it is a surprising yet appreciated addition to any office space. With this minimal design, Léon de Lange finally brings comfort to impromptu meetings and surprising encounters, proving that small interventions can be significant. While ‘off’ in its size, the design encourages lounging and unexpected interactions, movements that are otherwise not explored in the office space.  Inspired by research on impromptu meetings in the work environment, OffSize helps to foster connection, collaboration and the generation of innovative ideas. (Introduced in 2015)

    HEREDownload Prooff's new brochure

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