Noma Restaurant

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    Noma Restaurant

    Restaurant Noma is a two-michelin star restaurant, ranked as the World's best restaurant from 2010-2012. Balancing the rough, the refined and elegant, Noma is a calm and earthbound experience. The Ren Collection was developed by SPACE, Copenhagen for this application.

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    Project - 03.12.2015

    Noma is located on the ground floor of a newly renovated 18th Century warehouse in the old Christianshavn district of Copenhagen. The restaurants vision of “A time and place in Nordic cuisine” is reflected in the re-design of Noma. Like its gastronomic vision, Noma’s interior attempts to reflect the encounter between the traditional and the contemporary. Consequently, the restaurant is characterised by simplicity, with its crisp, clean and uncluttered lines that reflect the Nordic spirit and atmosphere.

    The renovation designed by Space Copenhagen reflects a sleeker and darker atmosphere which reminds of the long Scandinavian winters, the rough Nordic sea and the sparseness and barren beauty of the fjords. However, Noma has a romantic feeling to it, conveyed by the wooden floors, exposed beams and its deep, rounded window recesses.

    The fittings and furnishings work in harmony—smoked oak, stone, leather, water, glass andlight all add to the atmosphere. Rén lounge chairs with arms designed by Space Copenhagen for Stellar Works provide the guests with a simple, yet very comfortable chair. Space explained that the ambition behind the Rén Collection was to create a furniture family rooted in the danish modern tradition of making exceptionally crafted design.

    More about SPACE, Copenhagen here

    Products featured in this project

    Ren Dining Chair in Medley / Black Ash Stellar Works
    Stellar Works Ren Dining Chair 01
    Ren Dining Table in Ash (Medium) Stellar Works

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    Stellar Works Ren Dining Table 01
    Ren Dining Armchair in Quartz / Black Ash Stellar Works
    Stellar Works Ren Dining Chair With Arms 01
    Ren Lounge Chair in Medley / Black Ash Stellar Works
    Stellar Works Ren Lounge Chair 01

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