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    Lighten Up

    Lighting is a key element to any space. From table lamps to pendant lights to floor lamps, lighting can make or break a room. The right light can set the perfect ambiance and create a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

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    News - 28.09.2015

    Today, the Danish approach to lighting has made its way to the forefront of lighting design, recognised for its sleek and simple elements of design. Lisbeth H. Mansfeldt, author of “Sans for Lys – en bog om belysnina” answers some questions on how Australians can implement a Danish approach to lighting in the home.

    What are your three top tips for lighting a home?

    The first, and probably the most important tip, is to have as many light points in your home as possible. By having many light points, you are able to create many different atmospheres throughout your home. In connection with this, I would like to note that not all lights are on at the same time! – We build small islands of light in the interior. Secondly, it is important to make sure you also have task light where needed e.g. in your kitchen, reading areas etc. The last, but also important tip is to have some effect light in your home. This could be spotlights illuminating art pieces or bookshelves in your living room.

    What considerations should be taken into account when selecting a feature piece?

    I would say that you should first look at the light before you look at the form or shape of the product. You need to ask yourself what function the light should have before selecting a feature piece. In Scandinavia for example, it is common to have a mix of direct and diffuse light.

    Which lighting designs do you see as true icons of the design?

    Well, you have very iconic designs such as the PH Artichoke and the PH5 lamp – both designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958. In addition, Arne Jacobsen’s design from the 1960s have become true icons over the years. The Alberto Meda/Paolo Rizzatto design Titania is one of my personal favourites and for sure an icon in my book!

    Historically the Danes are known for their residential lighting - treating it almost like an art form. What are the cultural influences that impact on this? Why do the Danish do lighting so thoughtfully?

    We have a very strong tradition within lighting our homes. This is partly due to our extremely long winters where we only have natural daylight a few hours a day. It is cold and dark outdoors hence we seek a warm and cozy atmosphere indoors! In the winter, the sun is very low in the horizon creating very long shadows. In many ways, the shadows have become as important as the light itself. Our dusk and dawn are very long meaning that the transition from light to dark is happening over a long period. During this period, the natural light is quite dim and we try to copy this in our interior by also having quite dim light in our homes.

    What marks a truly successful design?

    In my opinion, a truly successful design is recognised by being able to adapt into all kinds of interior decorations and of course being timeless.

    What common lighting mistakes you do see in Australian homes?

    Since the use of light is very much a cultural thing and depending on many factors such as e.g. the climate, I do not think I can be the judge on that. We do things differently from country to country and culture to culture.

    Lighting as an investment – what to look for.

    You should choose a product which will add value to your everyday life!

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