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    Hella Jongerius

    The designer Hella Jongerius has become known for the manner in which she fuses industry and craft, high- and low-tech, traditional and contemporary.

    Hella (New)

    In 1993 she founded the Jongeriuslab studio, where she has pursued independent projects and also created products for major clients, including Maharam, Danskina, IKEA and KLM. 

    For Vitra, the Dutch designer has developed distinctive pieces such as the Polder Sofa and the East River Chair. Jongerius has consistently addressed the significance of colours and surfaces in contemporary design in her work with textiles, ceramics and furniture. She has been the Art Director for colours and materials at Vitra for many years and developed the Vitra Colour & Material Library – a system that enables the versatile combination of different materials and colours throughout the extensive Vitra product collection. Hella Jongerius has also written a book about this complex task entitled «I Don’t Have a Favorite Colour».

    Works by Hella Jongerius have been shown at museums and galleries such as Design Museum (London), Galerie kreo (Paris) and the Moss Gallery (New York).

    Polder Sofa In Pastel   Lifestyle

    Products by Hella Jongerius

    Elephant Pad in Chocolate Vitra
    Buy now $55
    Vitra Elephant Pad Chocolate 01
    Polder Sofa in Pastel Vitra

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    Polder Sofa In Pastel
    Polder Sofa in Mix Red Vitra

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    Polder Sofa F 1148614 Master Copy
    HJ Bag in Mustard/Confetti Maharam
    Buy now $460
    801202002 Detail
    Coat Dots (Set of 3) in White Vitra
    Buy now $140
    Coat Dots F 262247 Master
    Coat Dots (Set of 3) in Green Vitra
    Order now $140
    Coat Dots F 262095 Master
    Coat Dots (Set of 3) in Red Vitra
    Order now $140
    Coat Dots F 262258 Master
    Magnet Dots (Set of 5) in Dark Vitra
    Order now $50
    Magnet Dots   Dark F 1387497 Master
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