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    Filter Fine Art

    Filter Fine Art specialises in works by significant international artists at the forefront of modern and contemporary art.

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    Their core purpose and drive is to source high quality artworks from around the world and make these available to view and purchase at their exhibition space in Sydney and at art fairs and ‘off-site’ venues in the region.

    Every artist at Filter Fine Art is internationally recognised and acclaimed, with numerous accolades, museum exhibitions and monographs to their name.

    By working collaboratively with international galleries and fine art print publishers, they are able to offer their clients access to a vast range of works at various price-points, in any medium, size and style. Whether you are looking for a ‘statement’ artwork for an office, a work to be quietly contemplated in a corner of your home, or simply looking to add international flavour to an existing art collection, they have the perfect work to fit your brief.

    They pride themselves on their personal service and will happily bring a work to your home or office to see how it looks in-situ prior to any commitment on your part.

    Framing at Filter Fine Art is of an extremely high standard, with works arriving from overseas framed under the guidelines and specifications of the artist involved, or framed here in Sydney adhering to ultimate museum standards. Their understanding of conservation framing materials and techniques is second to none. Works can also be purchased unframed or, when applicable, in portfolio or boxed set format.

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    Products by Filter Fine Art

    Pebbles 3 Filter Fine Art
    Pebbles 3
    Pebbles 2 Filter Fine Art
    Pebbles 2
    Pebbles 1 Filter Fine Art
    Pebbles 1
    The Planets Filter Fine Art
    Michael Planets
    Bad News Filter Fine Art
    Emin (At Night)
    At Night Filter Fine Art
    Emin (At Night)
    Long-life Battery Filter Fine Art
    MCM (Longlife Battery)
    Takeaway Coffee Filter Fine Art
    MCM (Takeaway Coffee)
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