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    Design is human. Design should serve people, solve their problems, and increase their quality of life: tools for togetherness simply stimulate communication.

    Virus Lifestyle

    “Don’t make anything, unless it is both necessary and useful... and if it is, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful..”

    This principle always adhered to by the Shaker communities perfectly sums up what Extremis does. Extremis does not aspire to simply put beautiful outdoor furniture on the market. Extremis makes “tools” that make life better. More pleasant. These tools must always be functional. And above all always better than the products already available. In Extremis’ designs every single aspect is the fruit of careful consideration. And each design is always a feast for the eye.

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    Products by Extremis

    Tiki Low Stool Extremis
    Tiki Stool Low
    Tiki High Stool Extremis
    Tiki Stool High 5
    Virus 2-Seater Outdoor Table with Hole Extremis
    Virus 2 Seater Cobalt Blue
    Virus 5-Seater Outdoor Table with Hole Extremis
    Virus 5 Seater In Papyrus White
    Sol + Luna Bolster Pillow in Black Extremis
    SL Bolster Pillow
    Sol + Luna Separate Comfort Cushion (Set of 3) Extremis
    SL Comfort 4
    Sol + Luna Recliner Cushion Extremis
    Recliner Cushion 2
    Sol + Luna Sofa Sunbed Borealis Extremis

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    SL Borealis 2
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