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    Anderssen & Voll

    Anderssen & Voll are among the most prominent and successful Norwegian designers. They have been named both Norwegian and Scandinavian designers of the year and have received numerous international awards for their work within furniture, lighting, and home accessories.

    Anderssen Voll

    Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll were born respectively in Elverum, 1976 and in Trondheim, 1965. They both come from creative backgrounds: Torbjørn is the son of a musician and a teacher, and Espen the son of a ceramist and an architect.

    After graduating from the “Bergen Academy of Art and Design” and the “Oslo National Academy of Art”, they went on to cofound the design group Norway Says in 2000. Norway Says were forerunners in a growing international orientation amongst Norwegian designers – at the same time drawing international interest to Norway’s emerging young design scene.

    Norway Says had two particular crowning moments, with the “Söderbergs Award” in 2007, and a 10-year retrospective exhibition at the “National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design” in Oslo in 2009.

    Anderssen & Voll was set up in 2009. Their work spans from textile design through tableware, lighting and furniture to electronics for some of Europe’s most renowned international brands.

    They have been absolute key in proposing what is known as “New Nordic”, through their contributions for companies including Muuto, Kvadrat, Erik Jørgensen, Wrong for Hay, Jøtul, Røros Tweed and LK Hjelle. Their work also resonates well with Italian brands such as Magis, Foscarini and Lapalma.

    Working with the strongly contrasting industrial cultures to be found in the mountains of Norway and in the Venetian plains is a continuous source of inspiration, as are the liberating possibilities of large-scale industrial thinking.

    Torbjørn Anderssen teaches at the “Bergen Academy of Art and Design”.

    Compose 3 Seater Sofa

    Products by Anderssen & Voll

    Outline Studio Chair in Cognac Leather Muuto
    Buy now $5,545
    Outline Chair Cognac Leather
    Outline 3 Seater Sofa in Cognac Leather Muuto
    Buy now $9,900

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    Outline 3 Seater Cognac Silk Leather White Mid
    Framed Mirror / small with rose glass Muuto
    Buy now $465
    Framed Rose Small
    Framed Mirror / small with taupe glass Muuto
    Order now $465
    Framed Taupe Small
    Framed Mirror / large with taupe glass Muuto
    Buy now $1,020
    Framed Taupe Large
    Framed Mirror / large with grey glass Muuto
    Buy now $1,020
    Framed Grey Large
    Framed Mirror / large with rose glass Muuto
    Buy now $1,010
    Framed Rose Large
    Framed Mirror / small with grey glass Muuto
    Buy now $465
    Framed Grey Small


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