A colourful room-within-a-room, the raw shell of the Grid System provides a base for modular seating, shelves, tables and screens, which can be integrated in different ways to create a playful and multifunctional environment.
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The modular system is based on a powder-coated steel frame and is designed to offer total flexibility. A vast array of options offers the owner true freedom in modifying the design to their needs and encourages creativity and dynamism in their use.

The basic, L-shaped module has two 2.5 metre-long sides, enclosed by tall back and side panels. Both sides can be fully upholstered as a sofa, or one side can function as a built-in side table.

A standing or sitting desk for informal work is created with the addition of an external shelf.

The side panels are available in either a metal grid that encourages communication between the inside and outside of the module, a larch-wood veneer or covered with an acoustic upholstery. Each element—the frame, upholstery and panels— can be finished in a different colour.

Other variations include a U-shaped module, which creates a more enveloping effect, a straight module without a seat that can function as a partition and a straight module with a seat that functions as a bench.These can also be joined together to create rows of different uses.

For the seating, a base cushion provides the initial support, with three other cushion sizes and shapes offered to create diverse sitting environments.


Grid is a modular room within-a-room system that can be customised in a range of configurations and finishes, please enquire for more information.


This product is covered by a 1-year conditional warranty.


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Grid, Lifestyle
Grid, Lifestyle
Grid, Lifestyle
Grid, Lifestyle