Dorval Atelier

Dorval Atelier

The Dorval Atelier 01 looks like it was dipped in a pool of metallic liquid, making it an utterly refined, almost magical version of the impressively technical original model.
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Entirely made of brass, the Dorval Atelier stuns by stripping down and glorifying the process of making such a piece. Brass is a lively material which morphs with time, and ages elegantly. This model aims to be an ode to our most-used material, juxtaposed here on one of our most contemporary models.


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Width: 520mm
Length: 1380mm
Height: 1530mm


This product is covered by a 2-year conditional warranty.


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Dorval Atelier, Lifestyle
Dorval Atelier, Lifestyle
Dorval Atelier, Lifestyle