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    Brionvega, art of design since 1960. A story of creativity, unconventional models, strong personalities and cult products.

    Radiocubo Lifestyle

    A story in which the protagonists are brilliant designers who over the decades have been able to overturn the concept of electronic mass, signing several radio and tv different from any other model seen before. Brionvega is a SIM2 BV International srl brand based in Pordenone, Italy. Its mission is to revamp made in Italy design icons worldwide through the objects which made the history of italian industrial design.

    Industrial timeless design for a unique style. Radiocubo, Radio Grattacielo, Radiofonografo, Doney, Algol. Innovative products, symbols of Italian design that surprises and fall in love all over the world.

    Mario Bellini, Richard Sapper, Marco Zanuso, the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Hannes Wettstein and Ettore Sottsass. World-class designers, authors of products mythical ’60s, can be not only present but unable to compete with the future more and more contemporary objects. Combined in a perfect synthesis between aesthetic pleasure, ease of use, technology and timeless design. Works by recognized value and destined to last. Works with a strong personality.

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    Products by Brionvega

    WEARiT in Burgundy Brionvega
    WR 2
    WEARiT in Tobacco Brionvega
    Buy now $200
    WT 2
    WEARiT in Blue Brionvega
    Radiofonografo Limited Edition in White Brionvega
    Order now $13,520

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    RFW 9
    Radio.cubo in Snow White Brionvega
    Buy now $870
    Radio.cubo in Night Black Brionvega
    Order now $870
    Radio.cubo in Sun Orange Brionvega
    Order now $870
    Radio.cubo in Red Brionvega
    Buy now $555
    RCR 3
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