Ratio Single Freestanding Desk, Round Leg

Meet the next generation of Ratio, a height-adjustable desk primed for change.
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Ratio returns as Herman Miller's answer to the new normal: distributed work. As work becomes more flexible, the role of the office is shifting. To stay relevant, the successful workplace of the future needs to be dynamic, consisting of a network of spaces that instantly adapts to changing visitor numbers and organisational needs.

The right furniture lays the groundwork for a business that’s agile. One that’s ready to respond to anything, no matter how immediate the shift.

The right furniture is furniture that is as flexible as you, and as agile as your business needs it to be. And it’s here that the next-gen Ratio can make all the difference.


Ratio is available in a range of configurations and finishes, please enquire for more information.


For more information please download the Ratio product sheet from the Attachments section.


This product is covered by a 12-year conditional warranty.


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Flexibility for the Office of the Future
Ratio Single Freestanding Desk, Round Leg