Luminosity at Every Level with Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is revolutionising the accessibility of "special lighting moments" through the innovative use of new finishes and sizes in their latest collection. This initiative is a testament to the brand's dedication to not only push the aesthetic boundaries of design but also to make high-end lighting more attainable.

The Tom Dixon 2024 Collection: Lighting moments for every space.

In the world of interior design, few names are as synonymous with innovation as Tom Dixon. The British designer's latest unveil, the 2024 collection, is a testament to a relentless pursuit of transformation and beauty in lighting design. This year, Tom Dixon has refined his approach, focusing on how light interacts with space and materials, creating a collection that's not only functional but also deeply emotive.

The introduction of new finishes and more compact sizes in Tom Dixon's 2024 collection is a strategic move to bring luxury lighting into everyday spaces. By expanding the range of available options, Tom Dixon is ensuring that more people can experience the unique blend of art and functionality that their designs offer. Whether it's the ethereal glow of the OPAL finish or the new foray into colour with the BELL series, these new additions make it possible for every interior to have a centrepiece-worthy lighting fixture.

Bell by Tom Dixon

The Art of Colour and Light in the Bell Series

The newly introduced Bell colours series is a new direction for the Tom Dixon brand, more commonly known for their metallics and darker tones. With the addition of the Fluoro Bell light, Tom Dixon is looking to infuse a burst of vibrancy that commands attention. Complemented by an expanded, yet more neutral, colour range for Bell Portables and table lights in understated tones of white, grey, and taupe. This series offers a spectrum of moods—from the bold to the serene, making it versatile for diverse interior settings. Available in a portable and table lamp version.

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Press Tom Dixon

Timeless Elegance in the Press Collection

Durability meets design in the Press collection. Known for its solid, thickly ribbed glass, this series now features a new table light and mini pendant that continue to embody the brand's commitment to timeless pieces designed to last a lifetime. The Press collection is a nod to those who appreciate the longevity of well-crafted design, ensuring that these pieces remain relevant and cherished through changing decor trends.

Press Tom Dixon

The new Press Surface LED Light and Press Table Light includes interchangeable metal dome caps, in silver, gold and black caps to better suit the interior.

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Opal Tom Dixon

OPAL Ethereal Glow

With the introduction of the new opal finish across the range, Tom Dixon explores the interplay of light with translucent and opalescent finishes. This series transforms the lighting into an ethereal element that enhances the luminosity and adds a dream-like quality to spaces. Each piece, already designed to be instantly recognisable, now carries a new hallmark of Tom Dixon's innovative approach to design.

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Melt Chandelier Mini

Adapting to Urban Life, the Melt Chandelier, Mini

Reflecting on the necessities of modern urban living, the Mini Melt chandelier is a compact adaptation of the beloved Melt series. Designed for smaller, contemporary spaces, this chandelier doesn't compromise on the dramatic, fluid aesthetics that the series is famous for, proving that great design can be both beautiful and spatially considerate.

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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon's Design Philosophy

At the core of Tom Dixon's design process is a philosophy driven by the desire to innovate and revolutionise. Dixon's approach is exploratory, often starting with a material or a concept that undergoes extensive experimentation. This process involves pushing the boundaries of how materials can be worked into new forms or how light can be diffused and manipulated. The design team collaborates closely, using their London base as a testing ground for new ideas and applications. It is this commitment to experimentation that has allowed Tom Dixon to remain at the forefront of design, continually introducing products that are not just functional but also sculptural pieces of art.

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