Milan Design Week 2023 - Part Three

Milan Design Week 2023 has come to a close, with the final portion of the event providing a stunning conclusion to the week-long celebration of creativity and innovation. From 18th to 23rd April, the city of Milan was once again transformed into a design lover's paradise, with an impressive array of exhibitions, installations, and events taking place across the city.

One of the key themes that emerged during the final part of Milan Design Week 2023 was the role of design in shaping the future of cities.

One of the key themes that emerged during the final part of Milan Design Week 2023 was the role of design in shaping the future of cities. From innovative urban planning solutions to creative approaches to public spaces, designers are taking a leading role in shaping the way we live, work, and play in our cities.

Another highlight of the final part of the event was the use of natural materials in design. From furniture made from sustainably sourced wood to lighting solutions using natural fibres, designers are exploring new ways to incorporate the beauty and sustainability of natural materials into their work. The final part of Milan Design Week 2023 also saw a strong emphasis on collaboration and inclusivity. From interdisciplinary partnerships between designers, architects, and engineers to projects designed to empower underrepresented communities, collaboration and inclusivity were at the heart of many of the exhibits on display.

Overall, Milan Design Week 2023 has been an exciting and inspiring showcase of the best in design. From sustainability to technology, social responsibility to urban planning, designers are pushing the boundaries and shaping the future of the industry. As we look ahead to the future of design, Milan Design Week continues to be a must-see event for anyone interested in the latest innovations and trends in the field.

Below is the final recap of our Milan Favourites.

Bethan Gray

Bethan Gray presents The Inky Dhow Collection in New Tonal Colours & Natural Woods

Following on from the success of Inky Dhow’s debut at Milan’s Salone del Mobile last year, Bethan created a new Inky Dhow collection showcasing new and different combinations form her palette of warm veneers. The showcase at Rossana Orlandi’s eponymous gallery in Milan’s Magenta district will feature new pieces such as the 2+2 Inky Dhow Cabinet in red and wine, and an Inky Dhow Desk in natural oak and charcoal. Other combinations to feature are jade and ultramarine and pink and white across a series of Lustre brass tables.

Bethan says “For our Inky Dhow installation at Rossana Orlandi I designed a new console-style desk where the marquetry wraps around every surface, including its solid round legs. At first, we didn’t know it would be possible because curving those painterly lines in veneer isn’t straight forward; it takes an expert eye to select each strip of hand-dyed wood for the direction and feel of its grain. I love the way it has pushed our partner’s Shamsian’s marquetry techniques to a bold new level and created a piece fully enveloped in Inky Dhow.”

Inky Dhow is an evolution of the original Dhow drawing Bethan first made while on a trip to Oman, which was then expertly translated into an intricate marquetry pattern by Muscat-based master craftsman Mohammad Reza Shamsian and his team of highly skilled artisans.

Gufram x Snarkitecture

Gufram presents Gufram in Black & White

This year, Gufram's exhibition explored the extremes of the colour spectrum, presenting some of its most iconic pieces in black and white and its new solution for a total living, the Sculpted Series, designed by longstanding collaborator Snarkitecture.

The “Sculpted Series”, a five-piece collection crafted in collaboration with the Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen-founded design practice, Snarkitecture. The “Sculpted Series” comprises a bookshelf, an armchair, a bar cabinet, a low table, and a coffee table. These domestic yet sculptural items are crafted to appear distressed and broken, an aesthetic that nods to both parties’ previous collaboration, the “Broken Series.”

The five pieces are doused in all-black or white using Guflac® Ultra, an evolved formula of Gufram’s durable and weather-resistant Guflac® paint. Each piece is completely hand-sculpted by artisans using polyurethane foam, which is then hand-applied with Guflac® Ultra. Even with this paint layer, the polyurethane foams retain softness and elasticity, serving as a testament to new aesthetic experimentations.

Snarkitecture’s founders, Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen say that “We love collaborating with Gufram. Their approach, craft, and sensibility make Gufram feel like a distant and much-loved relative of Snarkitecture. For the Sculpted Series, we wanted to create objects that people can live and work with, a range of different programs and purposes. The pieces appear solid, in the process of being unearthed, yet reveal themselves as soft forms – a playful surprise in your daily life.”

The Italian radical design brand presented a series of iconic pieces in black and white at Capsule Plaza in Spazio Maiocchi and at the Juventus Store. On the occasion of Milano Design Week, Gufram moves away from the typical colourful look of its collections to explore the extremes of the colour spectrum, presenting some of its most iconic pieces in black and white.

Gufram x Juventus

Gufram x Juventus

Gufram's project for the Design Week continued at the Juventus Store in Corso Matteotti. Supported by the Juventus Football Club, Gufram brought its most renowned icons to the Juventus Store, where the Biancocactus®, Nerocactus®, Bocca® and Ron Ron® in black and white, are positioned on a football field. The Juventus Store also featured a small installation for the new series of Guframini, which includes a miniature of a black version of Pratone®, Bocca® in white and a new Cactus® in shaded black and white.


Flos presents New Releases

Renowned lighting brand Flos, returned to showcase their latest products within Euroluce. Flos has been a leader in the lighting industry for over 50 years, known for their innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship. This year, unveiled their newest collections, which were as impressive and striking as ever. Like a universe made up of many interconnected microcosms, the exhibition itinerary offered visitors the opportunity to follow a circular path and immerse themselves, from one capsule to another, in the narration of each individual product. A surprising and immersive journey among iconic pieces, avant-garde designs and innovative technologies. The exhibition showed new releases such as 'Black Flag' by Konstantin Grcic, 'Bilboquet' by Philippe Malouin and 'Ceramique' by Ronan Bouroullec.

Milan Design Week 2023

Extremis presents Panigiri

Inspired by the Greek Panigiri festivals where young and old gather around the table, Extremis' stand portrayed the idea behind this new furniture line. Among the many stands, the panoramic village created a festive ambience that transported every guest to the world of Panigiri.

The spacious wooden tabletop and inviting seats of Panigiri drew in many admirers appreciating the thoughtful combination of smart design and durable materials. Designed to foster togetherness, the endless possibilities of the modular table make it the perfect centrepiece for any gathering.

With just a few elements, you configure a table of any length, accommodating gatherings big and small. There’s really no limit to the length of the table, if the stand had been longer, so would the table be.

Two types of legs offer a modular playfield to create any desired configuration. Mix and match benches, chairs, cushioned benches, or even benches with a backrest cushion. Proud to showcase the smart design of the new table, Extremis displayed the transport box of the 15-metre-long table. By thoughtfully stacking each element of the table, a high cube pallet gets you by for super compact transport.

Milan Design Week 2023

Lasvit presents It All Comes From Above

The original chandelier hanging from the night sky consists of billions of stars. It’s the most commonplace thing in every part of the world. Connecting all of humanity across the globe. Yet so easy to forget they are there. For Lasvit, it’s the brightest source of inspiration. 

The focal point of Lasvit’s presentation was Cloud by Maxim Velčovský. Clouds have been significant in many different cultures throughout history. They have been seen as a source of mystery and fascination, with various myths and legends surrounding them. Yet, equally, the cloud is a technology phenomenon reminiscent of structure and connectivity. Cloud explores the connection of individuals and structure, individual perspectives connected into something larger, something that transcends us.

New York City’s shimmering night sky and the celestial landscape depicted in the iconic ceiling mural at Grand Central Terminal inspired renowned global architect David Rockwell’s lighting collection for Lasvit. The Constellation series is a family of six light designs that will debut at Lasvit’s booth at Euroluce and that bring the light of distant stars down to earth.

Martin Gallo, a member of the Lasvit design team, presents his flower-like wall installation Florescence. The design concept combines organic shapes of glass with the play of caustic effects, creating the appearance of a blossoming flower growing on the wall.

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