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Les Basic

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    Les Basic

    Les Basic represents a new way of being. A way that is understated, intuitive and elegant. Responding to the functional needs of living today, Les Basic also encourages emotional connection, a quiet delight, through subtle design cues.

    Les Basic Product Image

    A feeling of home. A sense of ease. Less is more. Simplicity that reveals a deeper meaning and sense of connection through interaction. Created for the Millennial age, Les Basic is a collection of furniture, lighting and accessories for home, work and play. Boundaries are blurred. Professional and personal. Indoor and outdoor. Age and gender. There are no separations, only a shared desire to express inner values in a physical realm and create peaceful environments in which to be.  

    Each product is elemental/totemic/symbolic in form and refined through the lens of simplicity. They stand alone as sculptural objects, and provide a canvas for everyday living. Materials are honest, details are thoughtful. There are no ‘feature’ pieces, as each is imbued with a sensitivity and specialness that allows it to quietly exist, waiting to perform its function when needed.

    Life is not all serious, and neither is Les Basic. Opportunities for play, customisation and creativity serve to stimulate the mind and delight the senses. It's about making things work – making things warm, easy and pleasurable – for you.

    Les Basic products are like friends you’ve known for a long time, the ones who are comfortable and easy to be with. They are not overly demanding, they are just there when you need them. You appreciate their value, because the relationship is intuitive. This allows for a deep sense of peace, of being grounded, of feeling at home.

    Explore a new way of living in simplicity. Be yourself with Les Basic.

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    Products by Les Basic

    Homework 01 in Blue Les Basic
    Homework 01 Blue
    Nepal Medium in Black/Gold/Black Les Basic
    Order now $765
    NPL 01 BLA GOL B
    S1 in Black Les Basic
    Order now $265
    S1 Black
    Troika 01 Les Basic
    Troika 01
    Valet in Black Les Basic
    Order now $1,185
    Valet Black
    Wombat Les Basic
    Wombat 1
    Volar 02 in Black Les Basic
    Volar 02 Black
    Homework 01 in Grey Les Basic
    Homework 01 Grey
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