Cloud Vessel Short

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Cloud is a family of bulbous and sculptural pieces made of highly reflective polished aluminium.
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The collection includes a platter, bowl, short and tall vessel which are expressive handmade artifacts that are hammered and braised in India by skilled artisans. Tom’s background in metalworking and fascination with the vanishing skills of hand panel beating inspired the aesthetics of the range.

The marks from the maker – every hammer and indentation from stretching and warping the metal are preserved in the final product to reflect the amount of work that’s gone into the design. The organic shapes are reminiscent of seedpods and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a vase, fruit bowl, and champagne bucket.

Key Points
1. Each piece has unique qualities as they are completely hand-formed.
2. Whilst pitting and welds will be controlled with set tolerances, they will never be completely invisible. These are the unique marks of the skilled hand makers and are a celebration of the craft.
3. The products are significant in size and weight. The vessels are watertight and can be used for floral arrangements, and are also dry-food safe.

Product ID: 1500892


Width: 210mm
Depth: 230mm
Height: 240mm


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Cloud Vessels, Lifestyle
Cloud Vessel, Short, Lifestyle
Cloud Vessel, Short, Lifestyle