Light Capiz Shell Side Table

The Exploring Eden collection comprises ten key pieces including furniture such as armchairs, tables and shelving – each one the outcome of Bethan’s explorations into the possibilities of these exciting materials.
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These stunning surfaces are made of capiz shell, a thin almost translucent shell found in the Indo-Pacific. It is also known as the windowpane oyster and has been used as a glass substitute for generations.

This translucency and durability now lend themselves to the subtle elegance of these pieces. The shellfish are harvested by fishermen throughout the Philippines as they are widely eaten. These shells come from the island of Negros, from a fishing community where serious conservation projects are underway.

We buy the discarded shells, providing an alternative source of revenue to the fishermen, which reinforce the conservation efforts in the community. We clean, stain and cut the shells before inlaying each one by hand.


Diameter: 500mm
Height: 605mm


This product is covered by a 2-year conditional warranty.


This is a Living On product. Its freight emissions have been offset.

Light Capiz Shell Side Table