Goose Feather Side Table

The Exploring Eden collection comprises ten key pieces including furniture such as armchairs, tables and shelving – each one the outcome of Bethan’s explorations into the possibilities of these exciting materials.
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The goose feathers are a by-product of farming and the food industry. While goose down is widely known for its use in clothing and bedding, the quills are less readily sold.

Here each feather is individually hand-tinted black from the base, graduating through to the natural white of the feather’s tip.

They are then matched for size and symmetry, inlaid by hand and the whole sealed with a layer of clear resin.


Diameter: 500mm
Height: 605mm


This product is covered by a 2-year conditional warranty.


This is a Living On product. Its freight emissions have been offset.

Goose Feather Side Table