Tama Desk

Tama is applied art. Sculpture, statement, commitment. To freedom and creativity, elegance and beauty, sensuousness and self-esteem.
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Tama Desk is more of an attitude than a desk. If you sit behind it, you send your thoughts on a journey over the blue ocean of new markets and opportunities.

Its design is a song of wood and craftsmanship. Bronze blade legs, elegant lines and terraced levels. Tama Desk marks the evolution from the workbench to instrument. Because of its balanced shape, every detail, its finish, the charm of the surfaces and its subtle poise, all these aspects bring a fourth dimension to the category desk: creativity!

Tama Desk is a mind space. A place of expression and soundboard for the ideas of those sitting at it: managers, doers and all those people who look to the future because they know that that is where success is shaped.


This product can be further customised, please enquire for more information.


Available in two sizes:

Width: 2615mm
Depth: 2135mm
Height: 810mm

Width: 2884mm
Depth: 2135mm
Height: 810mm


This product is covered by a 5-year conditional warranty.


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Sculpture for visionaries
Tama Desk, Lifestyle
Tama Desk, Lifestyle
Tama Desk, Lifestyle
Tama Desk, Lifestyle
Tama Desk, Lifestyle