Bundle Sofa

The Bundle Sofa is a collection of modular solutions designed by EOOS for Walter Knoll. Minimal and soft, the contemporary design makes a statement in your living room.
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The name Bundle is inspired by the popular children's game of the same name. Design studio Eoos sought to create a wonderfully soft lounger that would encourage all who pass to dive in and get comfy with this as a starting reference.

The Bundle features a beautifully folded backrest — more blanket than cushion as part of its cozy design language. The result is a sofa that unites all the sensorial qualities of a well-designed piece of upholstered furniture—making this sofa softer, gentler and homelier.

The Bundle offers an endless design selection of enveloping comfort and customisable variations for your space.


The Bundle Sofa is available in a range of configurations and upholstery options, please enquire for more information.


This product is covered by a 5-year conditional warranty.


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Bundle Sofa, Lifestyle
Bundle Sofa, Lifestyle
Bundle Sofa, Lifestyle