Blue Pheasant Swivel Chair

The Exploring Eden collection comprises ten key pieces including furniture such as armchairs, tables and shelving – each one the outcome of Bethan’s explorations into the possibilities of these exciting materials.
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These pheasant feathers have come from shoots in England, where they are a waste product after the meat is harvested for food. Bethan Gray is passionate about finding uses for these beautiful discards as they are available in quantity.

Removing and cleaning the feathers provides employment opportunities in rural areas where such opportunities are low. The skins are plucked and the feathers individually inlayed onto the flutes backing the armchair. Once inlaid each flute has been coated in a clear resin layer. This acts both to protect the feather and to enhance the intensity of the colouration.


Width: 880mm
Depth: 810mm
Height: 735mm


This product is covered by a 2-year conditional warranty.


This is a Living On product. Its freight emissions have been offset.

Blue Pheasant Swivel Chair