Gaku Wire Table Lamp

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A frame (Gaku in Japanese) used together with lamps and other objects, which gives a feeling almost as if it were something between accessories and furniture.
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An adjustable-height pending lamp hangs down inside of one frame, while a second design features non-contact charging functionality to power a matching spot or luminescent lamp. Usually, the lamp is simply left on the charging dock and then moved around freely when lighting is needed elsewhere. The directional lamp features a magnet that allows it to be placed at an angle, making it easy to adjust the direction of the spot to be lighted.

Lamp settings include a mode during which they are turned on when sitting on the charging dock and turned off when moved away so that the location of the lighting itself serves as a power switch. Bowls, vases, a tray, a mirror, bookends, and other accessories are held in place by magnets, keeping them held firmly in place at the centre of the frame without the need for a large area of contact. An assortment of accessory-like lighting and lighting-like accessories makes combining the two simple as if one were casually rearranging the interior of a miniature room.

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Width: 350mm
Depth: 120mm
Height: 350mm


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Gaku Wire Table Lamp