Ataro Desk Mounted Luminaire

Representing a giant developmental leap in office lighting with LEDs, Ataro luminaires are based on LED light engines designed according to the Zhaga standard and can illuminate a two-person workplace with high light quality and energy efficiency.
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These luminaires radiate homogeneous, neutral white light at 4,000 Kelvin. The Ataro LED has light amplifying AMBIO microprisms in combination with so-called light-forming technology. This transforms the punctiform light characteristics of light-emitting diodes into a homogeneous wide-area light and increases efficiency at the same time.

Both the design and the light quality are such that one hardly notices any difference to luminaires from the same family of lamps with conventional fluorescent technology. But there is one distinguishing feature: the luminaire head is completely enclosed and equipped with a cover. This facilitates cleaning.

The use of LED light engines according to the Zhaga standard affords a future-proof service concept. Zhaga, which is the name of a consortium in the lighting industry, stands for standardisation of light sources. Until now, every lighting manufacturer developed and produced its own combination of power supply and LED. Due to differences in mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical specifications, the LED light sources from different manufacturers were not interchangeable, as is common with other illuminants.


The Ataro Luminaire family can be customised in a range of configurations and finishes, please enquire for more information.


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This is a Living On product. Its freight emissions have been offset.

Sustainable illumination for a two-person workplace
Ataro Desk Mounted Luminaire