Subtle Deluxe, Bassam Fellows

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    Subtle Deluxe, Bassam Fellows

    When Mies Van der Rohe first popularised the phrase “Less is more” in the middle of the 20th century, he had no way of knowing how iconic it would prove to be. The concept is still invoked today, as are other aspects of Van der Rohe’s legacy, including his installation, Café Samt & Seide, at a Berlin textile fair in 1927.


    News - 20.04.2018

    Marked out by a series of diaphanous hanging silks and velvet, the space was the perfect backdrop for a radically different furniture viewing experience that prompted visitors to reconsider space and tactility.

    Café Samt & Seide lives on in 2018, in the form of Bassam Fellows’ new ‘Subtle Deluxe’ range of furniture. Inspired by the sinuous, deceptive simplicity of Van der Rohe’s original installation, the new collection revisits the question of comfort and prompts us to reconsider what, exactly, this means today.

    Restrained, refined, and strikingly pared-back, the Subtle Deluxe collection peels back the layers of the conventional idea of glamour, and invites us to reconsider luxury for the modern age. Smooth timber and burnished metals are paired with unique textiles to deliver furniture that is sensible, comfortable, and familiar – with a twist. Subtle Deluxe coincides with the launch of Bassam Fellows’ new range of textiles and transitional furniture for indoor/outdoor dining spaces.


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